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to many kitties!!

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My mom and I rescue animals...
we mainly get cats and right now
we have A LOT!!
So here is info on the cats we have rescued
all we given to us!!
Jenny is a calico that is grey,white,and orange!!
She is very sweet and very calm she'll let the
other cats come in to see her kittens but no other
animals except the guinea pig(he surpirsingly plays w/
the kittens!!)
Jenny's Kittens!!
1.Copper is a very sweet
kitten that is mainly white with orange spots...
he is very shy to new people but loves the people
he knows!!
2.Conner is the exact
opposite of Copper!! He is mainly orange w/ white spots!!
He loves all people and is very loud and outgoing!!
3.Ginger is Jenny's only girl but she loves
to play w/ her brothers and dominates them all the way!!
She is mainly orange and blakc with only her belly and paws white!!
was given to us two days ago from a neighbor who found her
in the alley..we introduced her to Jenny and she took her!!yay
although she is slightly small she is the leader of the back w/ Ginger close behind!!She seems to be about 4 weeks old while the others are 5 weeks.
is a pregnant cat that was given to us after she was stabbed!!
When we took her to the vet we found out she was pregnant but the
wound wasn't to deep to hurt the kittens and they are all fine!!
She has very unsual markings....she is all white except for her right ear and
tail which is tiger striped(so cute)
very friendly cat and is only about 1 year old!!
Her kittens are due in about 3-5 weeks!!!
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I'm glad that you rescue cats and kittens. I would hope you could work with a low cost vet to get these cats and kittens fixed prior to finding them all new homes.

See if Indy Ferals can help you:


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yes we do.....I think fixing is $25 for us...and check-ups are $15
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Welcome to TCS. I am new too. You sound as if you are doing a terrific job. Good Luck
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