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What do u NEED???

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My cat has been acting unusual. For the past 3 weeks she has been extremely needy for attention which I do give her most of the time but lately she has been straving to be scratched, petted, and fed. I always feed her at a certain time so she she be used to that right? She is constantly following me from room to room. If anyone could tell me is it her, is something wrong, or is she trying to tell me something? She was never as needy as she is now. Anna
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How old...and spayed/intact?

Is she being vocal, or otherwise active towards windows and doors?

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It sounds like she is in heat.
If she is not fixed.
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If she's already spayed and you've noticed a sudden change in behavior, it's possible that there may be a health issue - I'd recommend having your vet check her out.

If she checks out OK at the vet, try to think back about what's happened in your home over the last few weeks- any changes? anything unusual? Cats are creatures of habit, and are sometimes distressed by changes in routine or surroundings.

You might want to try using Feliway (a feline pheromone product that helps to calm cats - you can find it at pet supply stores in a spray or diffuser, and it comes with instructions on how to use it). I've had very good results using it any time there's an upsetting change in routine at home - if I have to be away more than usual, or even to help calm the cats after a move.

Rescue Remedy might help too - it's a flower essence found in health food & nutrition stores - you just add a few drops to the drinking water.
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she actually sounds to me like she is lonely. Has your schedule at work changed recently?
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Your kitty reminds me if my Isis. Isis will cry when Brad and I are in her sight, just because she wants attention. So we call her and she comes running and either leaps up where we are or she waits for us to open the door to the porch so she can bask in the sunlight.(she is strictly indoors only, thankfully we have two enclosed porches) she is a goofy girl, very shy. Brad calls her spooky, because she doesn't like anyone else but us. She is getting better though, every once in awhile I catch her rubbing up against Brads friends legs, and they almost can touch her before she runs away. I think it's her little game now. Sorry got off track,
As for the crying thing, I think well to me anyway, like Hissy said, your baby seems lonely and wants your attention. though it may be annoying, it shows that you're loved!
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