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Wild catnip??

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I think Ashley has discovered wild catnip, but I am not for sure this is what it is.

It just appeared in an area where we had flowers planted last year. Just a few small clumps of it are there and some have a purple tint to the leaves. When I looked around the side of the house where we had other flowers planted, I noticed a HUGE patch of them a little taller. They DO look like weeds only this clump had some purple-like tall flowers on the tops.

Is that was this is?? I pulled a few leaves off and it has a pretty strong odor, but not really the smell of the catnip you would buy in the store.

Ashley just plopped herself right over these few small clumps and wouldn't move for anything. Usually when I want to get her inside, all I have to do is say, "Ashie wanna eat???" and she is inside before I can even get all the words out of my mouth....she did go in..slowly, but wasn't interested in eating her canned food (the treat she gets every so often).

So...what do you guys think???
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Well, catnip is a member of the mint family, so while it may not be catnip, it is probably in the same family which is why she reacted the way she did.

And BTW......

Do I see "Human Baby" in the signature? (Was that really from last year or is it this year????)
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That would be THIS year!! We are due in September

Whatever it is out there, the cat loves it....!!!
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BIG Congrats to you and Roger!!!!

I know how much you guys wanted this.
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