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Why did you give your kittie that name?

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How did you pick your kitties names?

Mine were named as follows:-

Buttons - because she is bright as a button

Felix - because I love that name and he looked like the cat on felix cat food

Pebbles - because she is white with black marks in the shape of pebbles.

Tara - because she is a black beauty and looks like a princess
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I have always given my pets and stuffed animals people names. I don't know why, I just did. I loved the name Ashley so Ashley got to be Ashley!
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I collect "Tiki" mugs, so I named our kitten Tiki.

My girlfriend didn't like the name, so I did an online search for kitten names. The first thing that came up in my search was "Tiki."

That seems like destiny, so....there you go.

We usually name our ferals with descriptive names...

Pigpen (slept in litter box)
Fluffy (longhair)
Tiki's Mom (you can guess)
Snaggletooth (missing part of her face)
Ringo (had lots of rings around his chest)
Snowball (all white)
Midnight (all black)
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Danlara- He came with that name.

Benja- His name was Bear when we brought him and we wanted something similar to that.

Elmo- He looks like that red seasame street charactor.

Holly- After Holly Valance the singer.

Sophie- After Sophie Ellis Bexter the singer.

Muffin- I had always wanted a cat called Muffin.

Acorn- She reminds of one.

Sapan- It's indian for fire, and he's red.

Poem, it's just fitting for her!

Highway Man- he's black and dark and that just reminds me of the highway.

nuff for now?
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My favorite kitty was Phideaux, which according to Justin Wilson is Cajun for Fido. My father always comes up with the best cat names (that was his idea)

Dad now has Snowball (an ALL-BLACK momma cat), her offspring Slyvia (black w/white feet and chest - was Sylvester until poor dad found out he was a she, and pregnant!) and her babies Buttons and Beau (who was Beauty until poor Dad found out she was a he!)

Happy to say all are fixed, healthy and happy! I thought the vet-tech would wet herself laughing when Dad told her momma's name was "Snowball, of course!"

I told Dad next time he gets a cat, wait until the VET tells you what it is, just call it CAT until then.
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Carrie I like the name Ashley too but have never known anyone with that name.

Scott you are right Tiki was destined to be Tiki

Wellingtoncats Ok nuff for now but only til you get some more

RicaLynn your Dad seems to be about as good as me at sexing the babes
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At my house, we usually name cats according to their coloring, (at least so far). When our cat was a small kitten, he had really white fur, and was soft and slightly round in appearance, so my son thought Snowball would be a good name for him.
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p.s. love that name Muffin
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Lorie I have noticed before that Snowball is a really sparkly white. He is gorgeous
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I like to give my cats people names, but I try to choose names that aren't so commonly used for people.

My first two, Lexi (Alexis Reya) and Toby (Tobias Nathanial), got there names because I liked the way the names sounded.

My third, Zac (Zachias Heratio) got his middle name because I liked it, but couldn't find a nickname that I thought sounded good. I thought 'Zac' would be a good nickname, but I couldn't use Zachary because it's a more common people name. So, I did some internet searches for baby names, and came up with Zacchaeus. (I changed the spelling :P)

My forth cat, Tady (Thaddeus Nigel) came to live with me shortly after Toby died. I wanted to honor Toby in a way, so I looked for names with the same initials as Toby's name - T.N.
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I, too, like giving people names to my cats, but ones that arent very common.
Morgan came with his name from the shelter and I liked it. Its a sturdy name, like him.

Abby (Abigail) used to be Chica. She took a while to warm up to me and while I like the name, it kind of reminds me of a classy but snobby female.. so it suited her well. And now Abby is a bit more affectionate, just like her

Jayce came with that name from the shelter, too. I didnt think we would keep it, but I was having a hard time coming up with a name for him and my daughter wanted to keep it. We call him Jaycie (Jasey?) a lot for fun and I like that.
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Well, with Shadow we couldn't figure out what to call her so we ended up with
Shadow (because she 'shadowed' us everywhere we went, esp. the kitchen )Midnight (because she's pure black (and I was readding a book with a cat named Midnight Louie but she was a girl))Velvet (Because her fur felt like it) Pita (Pain in the ***)
Graycie, because he's grey and white. My mom named him but she thought he as a girl!! So now he's Mister or Master Grayce.
Frosta because she's white with frosted tips
Blaze because he has a white blaze on his nose
Fluffy because she's fluffy and
LC, which is Little Cat because she was the runt and is really tiny.
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We named Princess because she was the only girl in a litter of six. When her brothers were all playing, she'd just sit on the bulkhead and lick herself. Such a cutie!

Lily got her name from lilies-of-the-valley, since she is white.
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When I brought Emmett home my friend, Renne, came with me to pick him up. So we were hanging out playing Chocobo Racing. My best friend, Jenn, had named one of the characters we created Emmie after a guy she was in college with. Then I looked at Emmett and thought that was a good name for him.
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Pumpkin: She reminded me of fall with her orange/brown/black colors, so I named her something that was associated with fall. I kind of wish now that I named her Autumn. I think if I had another cat someday, I will name her/him Autumn.

Coco: We had a hard time finding a name for her until eventually one day we (mom, dad and I) were all sitting in the living room, Coco walked by and dad just blurted out "Coco!" He said she looks a little like cocoa powder was spilled on her.
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Lovely kitties Kristi. Coco is so pretty
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Poppy-because he pops out of no where!!
Collin-because my mom liked that name a lot
lily-because she is orange just like a Lily
Alley-because she was an alley cat
jenny-because it seemed to fit her(I dunno why)
Copper-because he is orange
Conner-because he is Copper's twin so it seemed right
Ginger-because she is mainly brown w/ orange and white
Brittaney-because she reminded my of my Friend Brittaney
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Picabo a.k.a. "Bookitty" after the skier Picabo Street. Bookitty was the runt and wasn't doing very well. Momma refused to feed her, so we took her at 3 weeks and did everything we could for her. She fought all the way back to become the pretty girl she is today without letting any adversity slow her down. Much like the Skier.

Tinkerbell a.k.a. "TinkTink" because she glides gracefully wherever she goes and always brings a smile.

Queenie because at 18 years old she's the Queen of the house, and it's good to be the queen.
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Peedoodle came equipped with his name - I loved it and so it stayed.

Kahu is short for Kahurangi which means precious jewel in maori (native people of New Zealand's language) and he is sooo precious to us so therefore Kahu.

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1. Angel-she came with her name. Zach and I saw no reason to change it.
2. Sagwa-she is named after the title character on the cartoon "Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat", because I collect "Sagwa" items and watch the cartoon and also because she looks like Sagwa!
3. Cringer-she is named after the cat in the "Masters of the Universe" cartoon from the 80s. If you remember that show, you'll remember that Cringer becomes the mighty Battle Cat! This fits this kitty to a T!
4. Sarobi-this sweet and gentle girl is named after Simba's mom in "The Lion King"

We also named Angel's kittens that died (I've already told this sad, sad story )we thought it would be innapropriate not to...

1. Duchess-she was named after the mom in "The Aristocats"
2. Tai Tai-she was named after a human character from "Sagwa"
3. Dongwa-he was named after Sagwa's older brother.
4. Jet Jet-he was named after one of the Alley Cats on "Sagwa"
5. Aaliyah-she was named after the singer (RIP and to both)
6. Akasha-she was named after Aaliyah's character in "Queen of the Damned"
7. Mr. Bigglesworth-SHE was named after the "Austin Powers" cat. It was Zach's idea.

I wish all of them had lived. Unfortunately, some birth defects can't even be detected until its too late.
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We had a calico cat named Patches when i was little and our calico looked just like her so we named her after the 1st Patches

Alley got her name from a cute webshot picture of a kitten named Alley
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Bob was named because my hubby thought it would be great to name a manx BOB for bobtail...ugggggh
and nico was named for a uNICOrn on a movie named nico
WILLOW <who is no longer with me>
was named this because her name meant healing and i thought it would help.
also because she was so small and cute
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When she came into my life, I had liked the name Sierra for quite some time, and had thought it would be a great name for when I have children. Then when I fell in love with Sierra, that just became her name like it was meant to be. I never questioned it.
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Sphinx - He had another name when we adopted him but it didn't qite fit his regal aloofness. So we switched it to Sphinx - fits him much better.

Kuce - also had another name which ddn't quite fit either. We kept her old name for a few days while we looked up names to fit her and ran across Kuce (The quiet one). It fits her as a rule but she can purr and meow loudly when she wants to.
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Two general principles govern the naming of our cats, though they don't always apply...
[1] that the name have sibilants ('s' sounds), which I have heard cats respond to more readily than others (who knows??)
[2] that the cat tells us (in one way or another) what their name is.

Fawn (see below) is pretty obvious -- her fawn colouring
Cindy -- a combination of things to do with her colouring -- the kind of cinnamon dusting on the black velvet that's characteristic of the tortie -- or "Cinderella" for the not quite all black -- you get the picture
Suzy -- just seemed like a "suzy" -- guess she told us
and before them...
Samantha was Samuel (Rob thought "he" had told us that!) until we made the first vet visit and discovered otherwise
Gryphon and Nibs arrived in our household at the age of 6 with their names well established (I gather Gryphon was a scruffy barn kitten, given a distingushed name to grow into -- he did -- and Nibs, being the slightly younger, got his name from the nightly enquiry of Gryphon by his human "Well, what has His Nibs been up to today?")
Shasta -- really just the sibilants, and I liked the sound of it in general.
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ROSIE: Because i just wanted a little girls name for a change as all of my parents cats were Blackie, Sooty, Fluff, Tufty etc...
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Well first we had Phil and my kids named him from the Rug Rats character ... then we found Lil and so we had Phil and Lil which were the twins on the cartoon show ... then Phil became very psycho and started biting everything in site and we had to have him go to a better place. Then we found Dil which is also a character on the cartoon. So now we just Lil who I mostly call Lillabean (don't ask me why) and Dil who I mostly call DillyPilly, again, don't ask me why ... they are just nick names I came up with when I was in a silly mood and they stuck.
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I think it is really interesting to find out why you have all picked the names for your furrbabes, I feel I am getting to know much more about your Kitties and their Mums. Thanks a lot to everyone who is responding. Such a lot of great names too
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Axl - because I liked Guns n Roses (and he's longhaired & ginger)
Jeepers - Because I watched the Jeepers Creepers film before we picked her up and it scared me a little, she was so timid Jeepers seemed to fit, if I knew what I know now she'd have been called Minnie after Minnie the Minx
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Charlotte was named by my 14-year old niece when Charlotte was still her cat (all of 3 weeks). Her favorite band at that time was Good Charlotte. I have nicknames I call Charlotte depending on her behavior. I'm not sure why I call her Miss Charlotte. I know why I call her nosey....cuz she's nosey. I call her Granny because everytime I go from one room to the next she MUST dart in front of me, walk VERY SLOW with her tail raised tall, and LEAD me to wherever it is she THINKS I'm going.
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