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They should rename that show I AM AN IDIOT!!! These kind of stunts could do lasting psychological damage to people.

I would have put their ratings thru the roof because I would have mass-murdered all the damn snakes and every moron on the set!!!

"Forget that wuss show Sopranos...lookit THIS mess Martha!!!!!":LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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I don't usually get to see FF because it's on monday nights & I'm typically still at work. For some reason they are rerunning them on sunday nights.

the first stunt they had to do was run something like 30 feet in a padded suit while they let an attack dog go. the girls all went down like they were stuffed animals & had to crawl. the guys ended up dragging the dog hanging off thier arm to finish line.

but still nothing I've ever seen compared to having the snakes dumped on them. I've heard that on other episodes they have had to get in a casket with rats, and worms.
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I am afraid of ALL spiders minus the tarantula. I love tarantulas(funny,huh?) I am also afraid of heights. If I have to step on a step ladder I start shaking. I see on tv people who sky dive o bunji jump, my insides cringe. I also freak out with maggots. Snakes don't bother me. I would never own one because then I have to sacrafice a mouse or a rabbit to the snake. But I love snakes, even the venemous. I do not fear them, just respect them. But If I see spider webs or wolf spiders then I freak. I also almost panic if I am in an enclosed space(such as an elevator) with too many people in it. I used to be afraid of escalators.
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I forgot to mention that one big phobia that I have
rats! Yuck, I hate those animals!!! Back in 1989, when I was a
sophomore in high school, our school was infested with rats. I remember walking to the bus stop, and I see, peering out of the bushes, two eyes. Then I see this rodent. At first I thought it was
a muskrat or a ground squirrel. Then I looked closer. It was a rat!
All year long, I saw them, dead or alive. Once, I saw the teacher holding a dead rat by the tail. I told my teachers to let the boas and pythons loose so they can attack the rodents. One thing I love about snakes, they eat rats!!!!. Oh sure, I can tolerate and even like the white and black and white rats you see at the pet store, but those living in the streets, NO!
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Snakes do not bother me I had 4 as pets once.
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Rats don't bother me, either, as I have had many pet ones, in the past....and still have one now, but I would not want a wild one living uninvited in my house! *shivers* That is different!!!!!
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Rats and mice are fine with me too. I had many pet mice I had to feed to my snakes.
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You fed your PET mice to your snakes!!! AWWWWWW
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I'd have to go with the rats and mice thing, as well. When I was about 10 or 12, I was helping my mother clean out our garage. We lived in a really old house. The former owners had stored a set of shutters across some beams in the garage. My mother wanted to dig them out and hang them on the house. When we began to pull them down, many, many mice, which had built a nest in them, fell out on us.

I've had a rodent thing ever since.
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Debby the mice were not pets at first. I made them my pets because we had to breed them it cost to much to feed the snakes. I no longer have snakes or mice. This was years ago.
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For all of us who get freaked out by spiders, don't you just LOVE the movie Arachnaphobia? With the spiders under the tiolet seats, spiders attacking you, not dying easily, and falling into the showers??? I love tarantulas but this movie was so scary, I always look twice before going to the bathroom and looked in the showers.

And for those of you who hates snakes, don't you love Anaconda?
I liked it because I do like snakes.
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Mice are not that bad with me. Just rats. Actually, its not the rodents I am really scared of. Its their rabies. Thank goodness for our cats!!!
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Mosquitos have killed more people than any other insect or animal. A fear of snakes or rats is an irrational one!

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Nicole....I understand now....I just misunderstood the post, and thought you were feeding your pet mice to the snakes, but I understand now...you bought the mice to breed to feed the pet snakes, but then you got attached to them, and the mice also became pets.
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