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Some of you know about my phobia of spiders. I was wondering what phobias if any you have?

I can not think of any others I have right now but I know I have more!!
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I have a phobia of spiders to.
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My phobias are, inclosed places, heights, water and driving over bridges.....
pretty bad huh???
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worms. And the thought of surgery, or losing limbs, etc freaks me out too. But I can't even look at a worm without freaking out.
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Well, I am probably the biggest wimp here. I am terrified of heights, spiders, any kind of creepy crawly anthing, being underwater ( especially if someone is horsing around and holds me under ), eating anything unconventional...........ooooh, I could just keep on going and going, but I won't torture all of you.
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Daniela; I am with you on that fear of water thing! :jarswim: I don't even like to put my head under the water in the shower to rinse off the shampoo!! I know how to swim but I did not learn until I was over 18 and I prayed the entire time that I would not die. (pretty sad, huh?) I hate lakes and rivers and any water that has "carmudgeons" or other critters in it! I love the ocean, but I NEVER go out in it past my knees. . . . WHAT A WIMP!!!! At least I would not have to worry about the "shark scare" in FL. this summer. . . . :laughing2
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I get really creeped out over spiders and roaches, but my biggest problem is heights. I can't even ride in elevators with out getting freaked out. I can go up about 8 or 9 floors and that's it. One day I was visiting my brother at his work in a sky scraper in Dallas. He was on one of the top floors (somewhere in the 50s I think) and I thought I was going to die. All I can think of is that elevator cable breaking and falling.

I'm also scared to death to fly in an airplane; I'm sure that has to do with my fear of heights. I try to fly in the late afternoon so I can have a beer in flight, seems to help some. The last time I had to fly was when my grandfather died. We had to fly from Texas to MN, thankfully a straight through trip with no stops. I flew with my mother, and I had to hold her hand the entire time. (I was 31 years old.) She was suprised that I was really scared, she thought I was exaggerating when I told her how much I hated flying. The one thing I really am not looking forward to is taking a plane trip with the kids and having to look and act brave for their benefit.

Another thing I'm really afraid of is my husband's driving. I don't know why he insists on driving so fast!
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I have a problem with enclosed spaces and being in large crowds. I am not thrilled with flying either. I used to be terrified of spiders but for some reason they dont bother me like they used to.Maybe cause there are so many where I live and I got used to them. Other crawly bugs bother me more.
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Well, you probably already know that it's roaches and to top it all off I had a nightmare about them last night! It wasn't the reoccurring one but a different one. (I told you I'd have a nightmare from talking about them!) I woke myself up at 3:00 yelling from the nightmare. Luckily my Fiance works nights or I would have scared the booger out of him!
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My one phobia is getting caught driving in a thunder and lightening storm (stems from getting caught riding in a Jeep with no top during a BAD storm). My second biggest phobia is getting lost while I'm out of state.

I also have a fear of dying alone (sounds kind of weird, I know).

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I have a phobia of small spaces to.
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I remember some more now being under water, the ocean. I don't like if I can't see my feet in the ocean. Bats or anything that can get in my hair and get stuck.
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What a great thread!!! I have a few Phobeas too!!
Of course one is those waterbug/cockroaches and also I have a fear of drowning. I LOVE water...and love to go to the beach and get in clear to my kneck....but I don't know how to swim, so even when my friends tell me how perfectly safe i will be on their boat, with a life jacket on....I decline. The thought of being in the middle of water that I could not possibly get out of, if something were to happen, terrifies me.

And rollercoasters scare the crap out of me! I don't mind going fast, or heights....but when you COMBINE them.....for-stinkin'-get it!!!!!
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Snakes of any kind, shape, length or color! They all look like pythons to me!!! Then spiders will top the list along with heights, and any amusement park ride. Haven't flown in about 26 yrs - so don't know about that. OK - how about being not really dead and then waking up in the coffin in the ground! YIKES -I just scared myself.
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Alrighty...SNAKES!!!! Any kind..but the bigger ones really set me off.
Likewise eels....I know they're fish but they look like snakes. I would have absoloutely no problem with exterminating every snake on the face of the earth.

Last year a nearby town intercepted an idiot who was intending to release a 20 ft python AND a South Asian Viper. His "reason"was that he was being evicted by his landlord and he couldn't get another apartment with his snakes. The viper was "whole"by the way..very poisonous. To me;this kind of "pet" should be totally illegal to own or import
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I am also claustrophobic a little bit !! There has to be windows/doors somewhere around me ! I can't go under the ground ! I don't know what I will do if I'll have to go to an underground shelter or something ??!

I can swim, but I never go over my shoulders ! Last year I took swimming course for a semester to learn swimming by style & overcome my fear, but naah, I was scared to death when I opened my eyes in the deepest part of the pool ! ( I can't swim then because of panic !! )

I am scared of heights, too. It's as if some force tries to pull me down !

It's really not a real phobia yet but I started scaring of all kinds of microbes & diseases they may cause ! I use bleach all the time so almost all our clothes have bleach marks

I am also scared of death.. Well, you'll be death when you die but thinking about being stuck underground & in a very narrow place freaks me out now !
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My phobias: being underwater, driving a car, being around people, and running out of things (I hoard stuff).
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Alexnell - I can thelp you with that hoarding thing - I LOVE to throw stuff out!
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No. 1 would have to be roaches! But I'm also scared of heights and sharks (which we don't have here, but I'm still afraid of them). The worst thing for me to imagine in being in a plane crashing into the ocean, surviving the crash and being eaten by sharks!

I actually like snakes and spiders as long as they're not venonous. I wouldn't mind having one but hubby says he would leave home if I bring any
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Birds. I was attacked by a pelican at the age of about 5...

Also really deep water, like the ocean. I get woozy thinking about how far down it is. "Castaway" was a tough movie for me, especially watching the plane sink way, way down into the ocean.
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I guess for me it would be heights. The other day I had to get the ladder and climb up to the top of it to get Cinnamon down from a plant shelf in the kitchen. Ok, so the ladder was around 8 feet or so, but high enough for me. And, I wouldn't say I am claustrophobic, but I really don't like to be in small, enlcosed spaces or having people (except for my husband) stand close to me.
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Julie....I'll be Fabio has a phobea of birds now, too!!! :laughing:
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My phobia is needles/injections!! Nooooooo!!!! I absolutley freak if I need an injection at the dentist (They have to knock me out to do this..) I REFUSE to have blood tests (risky I know but I would pass out if I saw anything that even resembled a needle!) Anything like that really makes me petrified! I was crying my eyes out when I had to have jabs for going on holiday!! (Hubby found this really amusing and just sat there laughing the skank.....) I can't even watch things like ER or Casulty cos just the image of someone with tubes in them or even a drip makes me feel soooooooooo ill!! Oh well... I just hope I never get that ill! Ewwww Im even juddering now just thinking about it all....
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BodLover thanks for reminding me I also hate having my blood drawn. I should have remembered this since I have had so many blood tests with the pregnancy.
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No trouble!! Glad to be of assisstance... hee hee!! (Good job I don't want any children - I couldn't get through the blood test let alone the labour!! :laughing: Hats off to all you mums/mums to be out there!!)

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Thank god I have no fear of needles as I give myself an intramuscular injection once a week, jeez, if I had a needle phobia I'd be in big trouble! Although if I had to go intraveinous I would be very freaked out...thats spooky.

My only really big fear is burning ...that just terrifies me, and I have nightmares about it about twice a month...I hope they aren't premonitions...ok, I won't be sleeping tonight!
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It is facinating to hear others phobias, but I think it would also be interesting to hear how you think they came about? Do you have any that you have overcome? HOw did you do it?
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Cleo...god I could never do that!! Id pick up the needle with a shaky hand...then....pass out!! (or cry! hee hee) You are one BRAVE lady!! :girly2:

Nite, as for reasons...I have no idea why Im so scared of needles/injections..I guess Im just a big old WIMP! :chicken: Ah well, fingers crossed I won't ever get too ill!! (or they find they are able to cure EVERYTHING with tablets! :laughing: )

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I have another phobia that I don't tend to tell too many people about but since you all seem to be really understanding I'll tell - The Dark! I have never gotten over that childhood fear.


Both of my phobia's have rather lengthy explanations that stem from my childhood. I don't think there is anything I could do to overcome the roach phobia (I don't think I would really want to work on that either!). As for the dark, well I try to rationalize the situation when I do get scared but I also try to avoid any situation that will get me scared.
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this has probably been talked about before, but I was watching fear factor last night & one of the stunts was laying in this wooden box & having 24 snakes dumped on you!

first they had the person lay down, then they curled a 12 foot boa constrictor around the person (the snakes head was at the persons foot) and then they literally dumped a basket of snakes on the persons face (the people had plastic goggles on, but that was it) and then on their mid-section.

I could hardly breathe while watching it. I was worried I would have nightmares, but (knock on wood) I didn't. That's not to say that it's not in my sub-concious and I could dream about it later.

I wouldn't say that I have a phobia of snakes, but I don't like them and I wouldn't let someone 'pour' them on me for $50,000.
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