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UTI Symptoms??

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I was just wondering what other symptoms do cats get when they have a UTI? I just woke up a few minutes ago to my SO yelling cause one of our cats Pee'd on his pants. This is the first instance of it. But I was wondering if there are other symptoms that I can watch for. To see if I can figure out which one it might be. Or if there could be another reason for it. We just moved into a new place and have only gotten one litter box un packed so I am planning on pulling out our 2nd one just in case that culd be why one of them did it. Both Blade and Willow are REALLY good at using the litter box. I sure hope it's just the fact that there's only one up and running right now. But any other idea's as to what I can watch for would be great!! (if any) I tried doing a forum search to get more info but it only came up with like 4 posts and they weren't to helpful. Anyway if anyone can help I will be very greatful!

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Symptoms include straining or crying while urinating, blood in the urine, and urination out of the litter box. Failing to use the box is sometimes the only visible symptom of a UTI. I would definitely put out the other litter boxes...if he still urinates outside of the box, then take him to a vet...he may have been stressed out about the move. Hope I helped.
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Yup you did! Thank you! I got the 2nd box out now.....did that as I was waiting for a reply to this thread........ I'm gonna watch the two of them for another day or so and see what happens and if it doesn't happen again I will chalk it up to the 2nd box. but if it does happen again I will take both of um to the vet unless I can' pin it on a certain one

Again thanks!!
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UTI's typically are peeing outside the box, usually on smooth surfaces like show stalls and bathtubs, but sometimes peeing on familiar objects. The urine can come out is small amounts there is straining, sometimes crying, sometimes digging around the area several places as the cat *tries* to pee.

When cats pee on familiar objects, sometimes they do this because they are stressed. The combination of their urine mixed with the scent of their favorite person will calm them down. Yelling at them will just increase the stress level and doesn't accomplish much.
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Thanks Hissy! I will keep an eye on them. and Watch them when they go to the box. I sure hope it's just something simple like stress or lack of litter boxes. Yeah I know that yelling at um ain't the best way to solve a problem. But with a guy whose trying to control his Anger Problem it's to be expected. That's why I ended up on here cause I told him that it might mean a vet visit, and that got him a little worried so he had me get on here to ask you guys about it. Knowing that I was going to do it anyway. So hopfully after being told to control himself and that it might not have been their fault I don't think he will be yelling anymore. I hope! anyway thanks again!
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