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More Motor Pool cats

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Last Fall I TNRed what I thought were the only cats living in the University's motor pool. I found out last week that there is a new female in the motor pool, so this morning I went over to see whether I could take her in to be spayed. Well.....this is the first time anyone there would actually talk to me. It turns out that there are about 6 cats there...two momma cats and a couple of males and a couple more that they don't know the sex.

The female I went to catch has already had a litter of kittens that are still nursing (darn!). The other female also had kittens recently, but they all died. So, Monday I am taking as many traps as I can rustle up, and we will trap as many of these cats as possible that day. It would be nice if we can get them all except the new momma in one day.

Sigh....I really thought I had the colony under control in the Fall...but since I couldn't find the person who was caring for the cats (I knew someone was feeding them, but no one would "tattle" on him) I had to do it on my own. If only I knew about this particular female in the Fall, she would never have had this new litter of kittens.
post #2 of 21 I am can fix every feral cat and then someone drops off 2 unfixed cats and the whole process starts again. It's like 2 steps forward, 1 step back. But Thank GOODNESS you have a plan to trap these new cats so that no new litters can occur.

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Very strange! I just wrote a reply and after hitting "reply" I got a "page not found" - and no post when I logged back in to TCS.

Renae, it can be SO frustrating! I'm sending lots of "get in the trap (except momma kitty)" vibes! I really hope it goes well Monday.

(((((Hugs))))) for all you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey Renae, I was thinking about you today! How'd things go?
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Well...we didn't end up with as many traps as we had hoped for, so we caught only two...both male. One was young...less than a year, the other was an old male who is probably deaf from a horrible horrible ear mite infestation. The young one was a whirling dirvish of feralness, but the old male just wanted to be loved. Oooh, I wish I could adopt him. I'm going to try my best to find him a home...he is one pitiful looking old guy.

We're setting up the traps again tonight, so hopefully we will have two more tomorrow. And, I hope that we get the momma cat as well.
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Poor old guy! We helped someone trap (guess what? An old Tuxedo kitty!) a couple weeks ago. I say "old" - but he was probably only 2 - 3 years old. REALLY banged and scratched up from fighting. He went into the vet all bluster and show - and day 2 in boarding was the SWEETEST thing you'd ever want to meet. He didn't know what the bed was for at first, but took to it darn quick, LOL. We popped back to say "hi" to him as we're there frequently for Tuxie - and he rolled over on his back for tummy pets! It was not the defensive position - he justed wanted all the attention he could get. All the vet techs were fighting over who would get to adopt him, and they had to pull a name from a hat. He is loving his new home. I so hope you can find a home for your lovey-dovey boy!

Good luck Renae! I'll be thinking about those kitties.....
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Good Luck Renae...that was such a cute story Laurie.

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Laurie...these ferals really can surprise you can't they!

I am on call tonight at our psychological center until 8:00 p.m., so I just ran over to the motor pool while I was on my way to dinner. Unfortunately, when I pulled up I scared away the little black female I so despirately want to catch! Darn, darn, darn!!! Then I swung by again on my way back from dinner. Inside the trap was a grey cat...but when I looked closely I saw that its ear was tipped. It was one of the ones I trapped in the Fall! Double darn, darn, darn. So, I'll check again on my way out tonight. I sure hope I haven't jinxed it for the little female.
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Good luck,I hope you catch the little female you want to catch soon.
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Oh man, how frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope she decided (or decides) to come back. !!!
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Last night I caught another young male cat and one really angry racoon. The racoon shredded the sheet I had covering the cages. I just called and the vet says this little cat is ready to be returned and released. So, I'll set the traps again tonight and hopefully will have a couple more cats -- including the female -- to go to the vet tomorrow.

Wish me luck!
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Boy racoons can be tough! Gary trapped one so large once he couldn't figure out how it got into (or out of) the trap, LOL!

Sending lots of "good luck" vibes and "c'mon little black lady, get in the trap!" vibes!
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Strong trapping the right cat vibes going your way from here!!!!!

Ah, feral elders can be such heart-stealers, eh?
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I just trapped the little black female (I think it is the right one)! Woo Hoo!!!
I'll find out for sure when the vet is able to take a peek at the cat's nether-regions. I am soooo happy!
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Still got my fingers crossed, Renae!
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That is GREAT Renae!!

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That is awesome.
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Thread Starter was the female! And, even better news: I talked to the man who has been caring for the cats, and she was the last one! I am sooo happy that they have all (except the one who just had kittens) been spayed/neutered. Also, all of the kittens have been adopted and are just waiting to be old enough to leave. I'll take momma cat in the moment the babies are weaned. Woo Hoo!
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All right!!! Good news on the Feral Forum today!
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That is wonderful news!!

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Oh Renae, that is the BEST of all news!!!!!! You totally rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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