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Spotz is an outstanding individual who has gone above and beyond to research several topics for me and even assist me in finding the cause of a problem with my computer. He is quite intelligent and truly finds pleasure in helping others! Thanks, Spotz!
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Dawn ALWAYS has a word of encouragement, no matter the situation, and she takes great care of her cyber-friends. Almost as well as she cares for her baby Sierra, who, BTW is a gorgeous girl!!!

Ilovecats, You can call me anything but late for dinner I'd be honored if you called me Lynn, as that's my best friend's name ADN my middle name, but you can call me Erica, that's my given name. I had a friend that did a semster abroad in Guatemala, and ever since she came back she's called me Rica, and it's stuck. I kinda like it, as Victor can tell you it means "beautiful" in Spanish
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RicaLynn is an outstanding individual who is capable of analyzing the situation and finding a good way out of every conflict, when everyone else is trying to bash each other. And a lady who simply can't care too much for her Bella.
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Yohiver is a very smart guy who has a good head on his shoulders. He also comes across to me as a very determined individual who does not give up without a fight. I can also see that the care and concern he puts into his posts are genuine.
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Squirtle is not afraid to express her opinion, I LOVE that about her!!! She's also a very devoted mommy to Midori (one of my favorite liquers, btw), and has managed to convince her boyfriend that cats are cool!!
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RicaLynn is a very kind and caring person who adopted an older kitty Bella.

Lisa & Sash
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Originally Posted by RicaLynn
Sierra, who, BTW is a gorgeous girl!!! ... I'd be honored if you called me Lynn

Lynn, my sweet girl thanks you for your gracious compliment! I wanted to follow your lead and take this opportunity to tell everyone my real name which is Stephanie. Everyone has been so observant to call me Dawn and that's great too since that's my middle name. (StephanieofSierra just didn't have the same ring to it! )
btw, from what we've learned of you, Rica fits you perfectly!
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Lisa is a caring girl who adores her beautiful Sash! She researched and thoroughly educated herself to maintain Sash's spectacular health when she learned of his special requirements when he was only a tiny baby. Information which she is more than happy to share with those finding themselves in the same situation.
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Dawn is a wonderful,caring person who really shines here! She always has something to say,and always knows how to say it. She welcomed me with open arms when i was a kitten,and I will always enjoy getting to know her,and other people on TCS all thanks to her. No wonder she is on my buddy list.
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Stephanie- thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it and give Sierra a big kiss from me!

I love cats- she is a very special girl who is making a big difference in the lives of cats, a very caring person.

Lisa & Sash
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Aw,thank you so much! That really melted my heart. lisalee is very sweet,and will always remain very kind.
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I have read some very sweet posts by Ilovecats and she is a very caring person.
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Alot of people have added that I am caring,and each time it has meant so much to me! Cilly is very kind,considerate,and through the posts I saw from her,a very wonderful person who always has her say,and says the right thing!
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Ilovecats, I've just got to tell you that I love your siggy quote !
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That you are a true Alabama redneck! (that's a compliment)
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Victors a smart guy.

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Brandon's a good driver.
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lol, finally Im being appreciated for what I truly am.

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OK, I don't know much about Brandon.. but he seems dedicated with his school work.
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Sam is a bright articulate young woman, and it's a pleasure having her contributions to this site.
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Fran is always a very caring person who has given me some excellant advice and a shoulder to cry on when my Dad and my boy Nemo died I will always think of her as my friend. Love the purrbabies too, Beautiful....Just beautiful.
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Cathi has a great sense of humor, and I LOVE her kitties!
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i love cindy!!!! she resized my HUGE sugar glider pic (thanx again!) and always has thoughtful posts. <3
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Cilla is kind,caring and in the posts I saw,cares about whats going on,and whats to help!
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Ilovecats has a great sense of humour, is kind and caring and always gives a nice warm welcome to new TCS members.
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Tania has a heart of gold & always thinks of others before herself. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met on TCS and I truly believe that for all the wonderful things she has done for others, she will get a beautiful reward in the end.
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shell is probably a real big cat lover and her cats are so cute! she must love this site the way i do, just post alot more
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catman always has good advice and something good to say
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Cazx01 is a lot of fun to talk, she makes me laugh and is always willing to help. She was especially helpful in answering every question she could that I had about fish And we can't forget she taught us a thing or 2 about Waterdragons as well
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squirtle has one of the coolest user names. And she obviously loves all of God's creatures, big and small! I was touched at the concern over the goldfish.
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