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Say something positive about the poster ahead of you

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Way back when, we used to play this game here on the board. For new members who maybe have never seen this game before, the concept is simple actually. You just post one thing that comes to your head about the poster before you in the thread. Then someone will come along and post one positive thing about you- and so-on-and-so-forth.

It can really get going at times and it is fun to see how each one of us impacts on the other.
I tried to find the old thread to revive it, but the new search engine wouldn't accomodate me- so you are stuck with this newer version of an old game-
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Hissy is VERY knowledgeable about many things regarding our babies and always takes time to answer our questions. I feel like she really cares about all of us! I noticed that right away when I started using this board.

I also think she has a big heart and is very dedicated to looking out for the well being of animals who can not speak for themselves. I wish there were more people out there like her.

Thanks Hissy!

OOPS you said one thing.... UGH... ok, Hissy has a big heart
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Tanya (Squirtle) always takes the time the make her posts thoughtful and positive whatever the situation. And makes me laugh with Dori's antics
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Alexis is one of many that i know who will always reply to a thread i post.

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Rosiemac has a lovely tortie girl and I love hearing little bits about the UK in her posts (I'm a bit of an anglophile, so I confess I read their posts more carefully to get a feel for the language/culture).
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Rica is a very good hearted person with a lovely lady, Bella, who just joined her household. Anyone who adopts an older cat is a grand person in my book!
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Heidi is great, she always has something interesting to talk about and I highly value her opinions in IMO, and shes lovely.
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Kelly's replies always seem to be very well thought out and kind
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Danielle doesn't judge people and I like her posts
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I don't know Cilla. I haven't recalled reading any of her post. But I have to say, she is a cat owner, that is one positive thing, and she is here, and everyone here is great. I hope to get to know Cilla more the longer she is here Welcome to TCS!!!

I just saw what a nice thing she said about Emmett my handsome orange tabby
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She's a good photographer, and I always enjoy looking at new pictures of her beautiful furbaby, Emmett.
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I like Lorie's pictures of her kitty Snowball on his website! Looks like a sweet kitty. I also enjoy the threads she starts.
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I love sofiecusion's quote in her siggy! It is so true! She has a wonderful sense of humor too.
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KittenKrazy is quick to help when someone asks for assistance or advice. She offers comfort and cheer when someone is down or upset.
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Relatively new to the board here, but DawnofSierra seems to truely be one of those people that is always there for her friends, a great trait for sure.

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Spotz is a new poster, but has definitely fit into the crowd! Seems very geniune and caring! Welcome to the board!
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Shell is a very sweet girl and I wish I knew her in person , she is also known as the Queen of Hugs . Shell also offer a lot of help when ever needet in her . Shell , I love ya girl
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I can always count on Hedi when I open my threads. Such a sweet woman who loves her cats dearly and it shows!
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Sicy obviously has great taste in cats! (Grey cats unite!!)

From what I've read she's warm, intelligent, witty and caring....plus I love anyone that's got a Photoshop fetish

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Heidi's posts are thoughtful and articulate, and she obviously cares deeply for her critters.
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I am new so I don't know Fran that well. But one of her babies -- Suzie, looks a lot like one of my babies, Lil. Fran seems very nice and helpful and appreciates the beauty of the cat's soul.

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Jen hasn't been here long, so I don't know her really well, but she always has something nice to say in her posts !
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I don't know kitten krazy very well, but she seems so nice and very open minded!
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ChixyB has the most cutest kitties
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Sandra has a heart of gold, and always has positive things to say about in every post.
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Hissy has a warm heart, she loves others, and is always there to help...she is a very good person and I love her.
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oops...I thought Hissy was the last poster...got my pages mixed up. sorry...

Heidi...Heidi is a dear...she wouldn't hurt anyone for anything...she has alot of constructive things to say, and I love her too.
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I don't know Debby as well as the rest of you, but from what I do know, her personality is as sweet and genuine as her beautiful smile. I don't think she has a single mean bone in her body.
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Hydroaxe is a good guy with a great sense of humor!
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Cindy is a really nice lady who is frank and has a good sense of humor!
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