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Wet food!

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From being a kitten, i tried so many wet foods on Rosie, but she would always lick off the jelly or gravy and leave the meat where i would end up having to throw it out before it went off.

I used to give her a small amount of tuna in the morning for breakfast and the same when i got in at night but she always has a bowl dry kibbles while im at work.

After reading posts on how too much tuna can be bad for cats, i've been trying to wean her off the tuna by trying her with different brands again without any luck-UNTIL!!!!!!.

I picked up two 'tiny' tins from my supermarket of a brand i'd never tried her on, "Hi Life". Its a family company here in the UK who say they put more fish and meat in to their foods than most manufacturers, and how they pride themselves on it. It's a lot more expensive than the normal tins of cat food on the shelves and the tins a lot, lot smaller.

I put a small amount into Rosies bowl and my jaw nearly hit the floor when i saw her chewing instead of licking!!. She loved it, and first thing this morning i e-mailed the company to tell them because i was so pleased that i've eventually found a wet food that she will eat!.

Within 30 minutes they e-mailed me back thanking me for complimenting their products and to give them my address so they could send samples for Rosie.

I still can't believe she was eating it
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Hurray! So glad she likes it! Sounds as is you've found not only a good food but a caring company as well! Do they have a website? I'd like to check them out!
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I got onto the web by just typing in "hi-life" this morning but i cant find it now??. Hi-life was just the name of the product because the company themselves go under a different name.

I'll write the companies name down tonight off the can and mail you their web address tomorrow, because the e-mail they sent to me at work i forwarded onto my home e-mail address.

If you just type in hi-life, you can see peoples reviews on it through another web.
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Is this the site? I'm gonna have to get some for Jeeps to try, she LOVES seafood/fish flavours.
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Unfortunately my lot dont like it at all! Which I am secretly pleased about as it is expensive.
Good on you for getting samples out of them though
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Originally Posted by jeeperscat
Is this the site? I'm gonna have to get some for Jeeps to try, she LOVES seafood/fish flavours.
That's it! Thanks! Iwas looking all over and couldn't find it! Just wish they listed all the ingredients! Rosiemac, does the can have an ingredient list?
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Thats it!!!. And i've brought the label in for the ingredients as well!.

Dolphin friendly tuna 55%.
Squid garnish 5%
Gelling agents
Vitamin and Mineral suppliments
Protein 15.0%
Oil 2.0%
Fibre 0.2%
Ash 1.9%
Moisture 80.5%

I spoke to a friend who does volunteer work at her local cat shelter and she said that the good thing about their product is that they don't use any animal parts in it like some such as beacks, organs etc..and that everytime she goes to the Supreme Cat Show they always give her a couple of carrier bags of freebies to take back to the shelter.

I still can't believe she's eating it. I feel like a mother who's just seen her kid take it's first steps!!LOL.
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Jeepers is sat here thinking

'Squid Garnish..... mmmmmmmmmmmm '

I was making seafood pasta the other night and the little madam stole a piece of squid. Luckily it had not been added to the sauce!
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Thanks for the ingredients list!! What a cute thing for Jeepers to do! We haven't tried squid yet!
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hmmmmm.... I wonder if I can order it and have it sent to me in Florida I will have to check it out. Dori doesn't like her new wet food Nutro Max Cat. The chunks are too big, she only likes little chunks
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I think I'm going to contact them and see if they'll ship to Germany - they have 85 g. cans, which are the only size JC finds acceptable. Another brand I can recommend to you that is similar is "almo nature": 74% meat or fish, 1% rice, 25% spring water. One 85 g. can costs almost €1 in shops, but can be had for 10 or 20 cents less on the Internet. I know they sell it in the UK.
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