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Update on Peaches

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For those of you who don't remember Peaches...

I found her outside, declawed and spayed about a year and a half ago. She lived on my porch until we moved at Thanksgiving. When we moved, we moved her into the spare room. She does not get along with our other 4 cats so she has been seperated.

Today...Steven found a spare screen door in the garage and hooked it up to her bedroom door so the other cats can see her and she can see out. She is not too happy about it though. She has been hissing back and forth with the kitties (especially Coco). I am wondering if this is such a good idea after all.

I am hoping that the cats will get used to seeing her and eventually come to accept her so she can offically join our family.

Has anyone done this before? How did it go? Any advice would be great
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I haven't done it before, but that reaction is perfectly normal. Peaches has gotten used to having her territory, and now it seems like other cats are invading it! And they are thinking the same thing about her.

I'm so glad you are trying to integrate her into your family. Good luck!!!
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That is what I did when I brought Kanga home.

It may take a few weeks, but they should come around.

Good luck.
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I wonder if it is different being that she is an adult cat and Kanga was just a kitten??? Hmmm, guess the only way to find out is to try it
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Thanks for up dating Coco Maui, I was wondering what has happend .

I know some people have done that with the screen before and hope they see this thread .
Have you try placing some vanilla extract on all of your cats ?
But the hissing part is normal and will get better after a while .
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Woah, what happened? I thought you were rehoming her? I guess I missed out on something!
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I was but I decided to keep her. I actually took her to the no kill shelter but broke down in tears for the entire day and brought her home. I boarded her while we went on vacation for 8 days so she would not be alone in the bedroom. Now we are back to the drawing board trying to get her and the other 4 to get along again
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Been waiting for a Peaches update. Good luck with the screen thing, don't rule it out yet a couple of weeks should be OK. Let us know.
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Ginger, you did a great thing. I am happy to hear this. Dont give up hope! Just slowly and surely it will happen. Are you using Rescue Remedy and Feliway? Vanilla extract, etc?? Here's hoping they get along soon.
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Nope not using those products yet. I will go get some vanilla this weekend and see if that works.
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Good for you for trying again with sweet Peaches!

Last year when I got married we had to introduce my 3 adult cats (all 9 years old & up) into my husband's house and to his adult cat Oreo (7 years old). My Mr. Underfoot is VERY territorial (gets upset if he even smells a strange cat, and even attacked a visiting dog once), so I was really worried about things working out. We took it very slow, using every tip I had heard for introducing cats (see links below), and it worked! They all get along now. Oreo and my 2 female cats now tolerate each other, and Mr. Underfoot & Oreo have actually become buddies, wrestling & playing regularly.

We followed the advice in Hissy's article, along with some other tips from my vet that I list in the Introducing Cats thread.

Hissy's fantastic cat introduction article:

TCS thread about introducing cats, with lots of tips from members:

I can't say enough good things about Feliway - I know it's expensive, but it really helps! You can sometimes find it for less from Internet pet supply places - hopefully a Google ad will show up here with a link.

Keep us posted.
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What does the Vanilla extract do?
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Originally Posted by giventofly
What does the Vanilla extract do?
Giventofly , if you place some vanilla extract unter the gin and on the back where the tail starts the cats smell the same way and mostly like start to like each other . But sometimes it will also take a while , but it make it easy to intro two or more cats to each other .
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That's a really good thing to know. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by giventofly
What does the Vanilla extract do?
You put it on all the cats, and it gives them all the same scent.
Ginger, I really hope it works. I tried the screen door (in our case it was a metal frame with cat netting) when I was trying to introduce Straycat and JC. Straycat was perfectly willing to accept JC, but JC wouldn't accept him. He did stop hissing at him through the screen after a few weeks, though.
Since your cats aren't loners, it just might work, with some patience. Good luck, and I'm glad you're keeping Peaches!
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