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Victory with Smudge!

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Tonight I finally succeeded in trapping the last of Goldie's feral kittens. Smudgie is ensconced in the livingroom in the kitty condo!
WHEW! I'm glad this is the last of the 4. She is so sweet and beautiful, she will melt anyone's heart. When my boss gets back to work, I will snag her digital camera and snap away. Her little brother, Ripley is overjoyed and tormenting her through the condo. We ended up keeping him, as he was so sick. Her sister Sweetie was adopted through our local no-kill SPCA and my sister and niece have adopted the other brother- little one-eyed Chance. This was a good ending to a bad day. I was recently diagnosed with MS and today was my spinal tap and Evoked Potential test. So....God gives us smiles and joy when we need it the most.
I just love being a mommy-auntie again!
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Debra you're an !!!
Give Smufge a big from me!
Sending lots of kind thought your way!
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So happy you caught the last baby, and that her brother remembers and is toying with her! :laughing2:

Spinals are no fun, I've had 4 over the last 5 years, has the Dr given you any results yet? Sometimes they wont give a definate MS diagnosis until all test ressults are in. As we talked about before, if you need to talk or have any questions, fears or just need a sounding board...I'm here.

Love to you,
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Debra; Like I said in the e-mail I sent you this am. YIPPEE SKIPPEE on capturing Lil' Smudge! My prayers and Good Wishes are with you. TLK
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I'm so happy for you that you finally caught Smudge. What a relief that must be! We are almost ready to do the same with our 3 little ferals and their mother. I am hoping to get a cage this weekend. My husband isn't too happy about all the money I'm going to be spending on vet bills and such but I feel it is necessary to capture them and give them a chance at a happy life in a good home.
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Cleo - and 3LK - what can I say except Thank you!!!
I will have all the final results this next week - but Dr. feels he is sure about his Dx.
Smudgie id doing great - actually let me pick her up tonight! Small steps......
gemini - it is worth the $ - my hubby has given up on trying to stop me with my adventures.:tounge2:
billie - I gave Smudge LOTS of kisses from you1
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Hiya Deb :angel2::daisy:

I'm so happy to hear that you caught that little Smudgealina (little nickname there) Hope you don't mind

You're in my prayers Deb...You're such a fun-loving, lovely lady with a huge heart.

Love Always,

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Cat...great nickname!
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OK - here is the deal - she is just too cute to give up and even though I am 'kitty full,' I think there is room for one more!
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Dear Debra; I operated under the "premise" that you were going to keep her all along. . . . Your heart is too big to do otherwise!! :blubturq: One look in those adorable Smudge eyes and you were hooked!!! YOU OLD SOFTIE!!!! :angel2::angel4:
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3LK - thanks!
As soon as my son fixes up the photo thing again - I will post a pic of her and her brother, rip here!
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Debra...How sweet of you to keep little Smudge. They sure do have a way of capturing our hearts!! I would do the same thing.
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Oh, Debra, Debra, Debra....

Somehow, I had this feeling you were gonna keep lil' Smudgalina! :LOL: You kill me girl! :LOL: I have to be careful...I'm smiling so hard I'm gonna break somethin! :laughing2

Love Ya,
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