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zero's one eye watering...

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Zero's left eye has been watering on and off for the last couple days... it appears ok, he let me look in it and all and I don't see anything in there.

Can anyone think of maybe why? I wish I still had some eyedrops for him!

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Could it be conjunctivitis? Or allergies?
My best bet would be to take him to the vet to be sure.

I hope the wee darling gets better soon!
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It could be alergie , but this really would be a wild guess . I would go to the vet with him to make sure he has not a infection of any kind .
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I'd have him checked by a vet to rule out any infection.

It could be allergies, conjunctivitis, or even URI comes to mind.

Hope he gets better real soon.
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Unfortunately I haven't gotten him to the vet yet, I was hoping it would be something that might only last a day or two.

Could allergies really possibly be it? I'm thinking that's quite odd because from the start it has only been one eye, the same eye, and it continues to be the same one.

It's still watering now and then, but luckily the eye looks perfectly fine, and he doesn't even seem to notice or anything like that.

I'll try to get him in asap... too bad money hasn't been so good. I'm thinking they might even fire me soon, in a sense my own fault.
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I do have one cat who's eye is watering on and of and it is allergies by him . He sometimes has a day or two he is ok , then he has a little watering eye but it is all clear . If it is no discoloring it could be allergie , but only a vet would know for sure .
Maybe you just could call the vet and ask for his/her opinion about it , explaining the lady's on the front your money issues and see if they would let you talk to the vet direct about it .I have done that with other health problems with my cats and sometimes I have saved some money . A call don't cost anything
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It could be conjunctivitus or allergy, but I never like runny eyes, as it could be the start of something more serious. I would definitely take Zero to the vet. Please let us know how he goes on.
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