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Back from the vet...

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I just took Jack in for a re-re-check on his UTI... the vet called me while I was at work and asked me to come pick him up early so that he could go over x-ray films with me.

Jack has stones in his bladder... and the vet says the only thing we can do is surgery so that they can analyze the stones to see what type they are.

The surgery estimate totals to $977.53

Anesthsia $81.90 General Health Profile $57.56
Fluid Therapy $69.10 Injection 0-20lbs (4) $84.28
Ward Care Overnight $35.76 Medications for home $55.69
Stone Analysis $121.61 Urine Culture & Mic(4035) $98.14
Cystotomy Feline $357.48 E Collar Small $14.86

For another $1,000 I could have stones removed if I had them. Should this surgery really cost this much? I love my cat sooooo much, I raised him since he was 2 weeks old. I know he needs the surgery, but I don't know if I can afford it.

I don't know what to do.
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He really should get the stones taken care of, but I would maybe talk to some friends, or interview some new vets. It's somewhat expensive for surgery, but that's a bit steep.
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Darn that is a lot of money for some stones . I agree with Sandie , I would call around and see what other vet woult charge you .
Poor baby , I am sure he is in pain .
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How about working out a payment plan with the vet?
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I'm going for a second opinion. Jack has an appointment tomorrow at a cat clinic. My first vet gave me hell for me wanting to pick up his chart & x-rays. And of course, they wanted the new vet office to request the doctor's notes & chart, & the lady who I spoke with there said that my vet office gave her hell too.

It's not so much that I'm worried about the cost. I'll pinch all the pennies I can find... I'm more concerned with putting him under more stress. After all, he's only been in our new apartment for a month. Making him go through unnecessary surgery, where he has to stay overnight & wear a satellite collar, I think that might put him into a depression or panic. Granted my new apartment is small, but it's still new to him. And making him wear a collar for a couple of weeks, well, I'd have to separate him & his sister during the day so that she doesn't irritate his stitches or pull them out.

I want what is best for him, but I don't want to put him throught crazy surgeries. We have been using this vet for years, and now that we have been using a mobile vet as well, we have found that our vet likes to charge us for things that fix themselves. (ie, our basset hound had a fluid pouch in her earlobe. The vet charged us $680 to remove the liquid. Afterwards, we were updating the mobile vet, and she said that if you just left the fluid pouch alone, it goes away by itself.) After that, of course I want a second opinion... I just don't appreciate the attitude that the vet office gave me.

I am a concerned momma that wants what is best for her kitty.

Thank you for letting me rant & rave.
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No vet should be mad at you for wanting a second opinion, especially because you have managed to get an appointment so quickly. Good luck with your appointment today, I hope all goes well. Please keep us updated.
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