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Cat needs new home in NC

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We had a couple of cats get dumped at our apartment complex, a month or so ago, they became short term roommates, with me and i found homes for two of the three but the thrid one was pregy and we secided to keep her until after she had her kittens, then we placed her with a lady who lives the the same building as us who recently moved and left her... needless to say that she's back with me know. and i really need to find her a new home.
Here is a little about her:
She is somewhere between 2 and 3 years of age, she is pink, grey, and white, very loving, no known bad habits, took right to the litter box that we got for her, dog friendly, and will only drink water from a fresh source such as a sink that is left on to drizzle, will not drink from a water bowl, and she will jump in the shower with you, if the mood strikes her.
she is not declawed and would perfer a home where she would not be, the lady who had her before was going to get her spayed, which she will be before she goes to a new home. Her name is athena, and she is listed on petfinder, placed the ad today.
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Good luck finding a good home for the kitten.
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Zpadrino...ask your local vets if they would allow you to show Athena at their office. Placing an ad is one thing..but you need to take this cat to where she can be seen. Ask local rescues if they would allow you to show her at one of their events. I would have her spayed before you take her to be shown.

Good Luck,

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People can be so cruel
I hope "Athena" will find soon a good for ever home .
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I am happy to report that Athena has found a new home. I did have pictures posted at the local vets and on the message borads at local pet stores, and an contact with the local humane society, and finally i found someone who fits her perfectly.
Not to mention that i can go and see her any time i want!
Needless to say that she is staying with me, Not me really but my roommate, she took a very keen likly to him, and now as more kitty toys and treat, and climbing posts then she knows what to do with. Now if i can just get her to stop beating up my little mini dachshund, i'll be doing good. She beats up the littly bitty dogo but sleeps with the jackrussel mix, i just don't get it
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Wow , you really can't ask for better . My congrats to both you and Athena
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