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Meet my new cats.

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Meet Morgan and Ralphie. Ralphie is the one on the bed, and Morgan is the one underneath. They're still both nervous since I just got them today. They've been hiding under my bed all day, but they do come out once and awhile.

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Ahhh, they will come out. My first two took 3 days. I never thought it would happen.
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What cuties!! I have to say, that look on Morgan's face is just too precious. :

I'll move this to Fur Pictures where more people will see these precious kitties.

Congrats on bringing home these two!!!
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My congrats on your new baby's . Both are very cute looking sweeties I am sure they are out in no time and all on you thanking you for taking them in .
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omg they are so sweet looking!!!
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What a pair of cuties! They sure don't look shy!
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Both of them are SOOO incredibly cute! Isn't it special when they are new? Like the beginning of every relationship ... full of possiblity and promise.
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What cuties. Congradulations on your new kitties.
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What a cute pair of sweethearts you have.

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They are gorgeous- and look pretty happy
Sure they will settle in soon
best wishes
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Awwwww their soooo cute i could kiss their little faces to bits!
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They are both gorgeous
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Ralphie and Morgan are such little cuties! Please give them a kiss for me. I'm sure they will settle in quickly.

Lisa & Sash (Sash's website)
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They are beautiful. I don't think they look too shy, they will come out soon Morgan's face looks so kissable!
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soooo cute!
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welcome to the site they are soooo cute......
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Thanks everyone. They aren't shy anymore. They are running around all over the place. Playing the scratching post I got them and real cute and friendly.
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what cute kitties....good luck..they'll be loving you in no time!!! <3
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Aww... the are adorable!

Welcome to TCS
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Awwww! Morgan is so adorable! I love his sweet face
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I am so happy to hear your new baby's are all out now and having fun
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They are beautiful. Looks like they have taken over already.
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what cuties! I brought home a foster when we lived in Texas. She hated other cats, and we didn't have one, so we took her in. She had been in a cage at Petsmart, and growled and stayed way back in the cage. I thought when I opened the carrier at home, I may never see her again. I thought she would hide and only come out when we were gone or asleep. Boy was I wrong. She checked the house out, and jumped up into my...I mean HER chair. LOL
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your babys are so sweet...before you know it ...they will be the best of friends with you.....
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I added some more pics of my kitties along with the new shelves I bought.
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