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Cat - opoly

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Does anyone have this game? It's supposed to be like Monopoly.. I just got it today, I had ordered it off ebay! It's so cute I cant wait to play LOL Instead of properties they are breeds of cats, and you buy them. Instead of the Jail space its Water.. free parking is Catnip and Go is SCAT. You have to pay for milk, and fleas! Bad! The houses are litterboxes and hotels are fishbones.

There's also facts on the back of the cards about the cats!
I am such a nerd! I cant wait to play
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That sounds perfect! I will have to get that!
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I've thought about buying that. They also have "Dog-opoly". Both would make nice gifts.
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They also sell it at Petsmart I wanted it for Christmas but I didn't get it
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Just curious how much is it at Petsmart? I paid I think $25 including shipping from a GREAT ebay member. They shipped it to me in two days!
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I saw it at Pet Supplies Plus, I can't remember how much but now I want it! I almost bought it at christmas time, but wound up not getting it.

Let us know how you like it (although I may buy it now, I saw the display just the other day and was tempted...).
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Originally Posted by Sicycat
Just curious how much is it at Petsmart? I paid I think $25 including shipping from a GREAT ebay member. They shipped it to me in two days!
I think it was around $20 maybe a couple dollars more, I can't remember exactly.
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Yeah I've seen that game. Its like going for $40 + at some of the stores. I was hoping to get it for Christmas as well, but alas, I was dissapointed
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Yeah I thought I saw it at Toys R Us awhile back for at least $30.

It just looks so cute, I'm sure I will love it! DF has even agreed to play with me LOL
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That looks like fun! I want one! *runs to eBay* lol

I love Monopoly, so I know that one would be fun to play. I want the Lord of the Rings version too. Heh, I'll have a collection of Monopoly games! lol
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I saw it at Bolen Books it's on for $34.99 Cdn. I want it too but I'm afraid it would be one of those things would go in the game box and would never been seen again.
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Sicy let us know how it is to play. I've been wanting the dog-opoly one too! Games are so expensive in the stores these days, it always boggles my mind when I am looking for one.
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I will let you guys know! It looks fun.

Look at this one LMAO!
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I've never heard of this, I'm so jelous I wish they had them over here, but I already have three games of monopoly anyway, I have the junior version the original version and the NZ edition.. can't wait till the others come out over here.
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That looks so fun . Your so lucky! I love monopoly, I have the original and the Star Wars Phantom Menace edition, plus I have the original, the junior, the Star Wars and Monopoly Tycoon for my computer.
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Sicy, I bought Catopoly for my housemate for Christmas. It's a great game!

Sam, you probably do have it in NZ if we have it here in Aus.
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Saki, do not pass 'Scat!'

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LMAO great pic!!
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Both cats wanted to play. Saki kept batting around the dice and Zoey was trying to eat the rubber bands.
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That picture of Saki playing the game is hilarious !!!!

I seem to be getting this strange picture in my head of Zoey and Saki playing the game in the middle of the night while you and you S/O are sleeping.
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I must not be looking hard enough, I checked out a few stores yesterday.. nada bean! Ohwell.

Aw, cute picture of Saki. Was it fun???
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