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What do you celebrate

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In your daily lives as you get busy, when you have time to stop and think about the day, what do you celebrate that you have?

I celebrate my faith, my husband who is so understanding of my love for abused critters. I celebrate my station in life, because right at the moment I am in a beautful place, and although my home is not modern and not very large, I can walk outside my back door and suddenly be in the midst of the most beautiful tall century old trees. I can walk back to the creek accompanied by my horses (and a few cats) and a dog that has to be with me 24/7. I can step into the forest and just get lost in nature. I celebrate all the animals that come here to find comfort food and shelter-

I celebrate this board, because right from the beginning, it has always felt like home. I celebrate the old timers, and the new members because each of your brings to the table something different for me to learn by.

I celebrate music, always playing in the background, mostly 60's stuff, because the music is soothing and fits me like a pair of slippers.

I also celebrate learning, because each new day is an education in and of itself, whether I am here on the computer, or whether I am out in real life interacting-

So what do you celebrate?
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I celebrate the fact that just when I had given up hope of things getting better I met my fiance and my whole life turned around. I celebrate Jeepers, Axl and Co because they give me so much happiness and ask for almost nothing in return and I celebrate my family (Jason's too) because it's nice to know you have people to lean on when you need them and vice versa.
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What a great thread. It makes you stop and think.

I celebrate my health and the good health of those around me, because lately I've seen what happens if you don't have it.
I celebrate my life because I have a good husband, a good job, a loving family, and good friends.
I celebrate my kitties, Simon and Max, because they love unconditionally and only ask for basic comforts in return.
I celebrate this board, which gives me a place to come and interact with others who love kitties. This makes me feel good.
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