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No recognized cat experts here? I beg to differ! We have multiple vet techs and a couple of veterinarians on the board, and the board is owned by a behaviorist. Don't assume there are no experts just because you read responses that don't agree with you. Our experts are very quiet about their credentials unless asked.

And I fail to see the humor in a cat that is unbearably uncomfortable because of being in heat.
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Ok since the original poster's question has been answered and then some, this thread is deteriorating into a level it does not need to be in. Therefore, it is now closed.

This is a pro-active spay and neuter community of cat lovers. All of us who have spent quality time here will tell anyone who cares to listen how important spay and neuter is, and try to stop as much backyard breeding as we can.
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While many people, especially newer members, may not be familiar with other members of The Cat Site given that we use board names and not our personal names, it is difficult to have no idea whether or not someone here is or is not a recognized cat "expert." In fact, Veterinarians, very experienced rescuers, geneticists, PhDs, teachers/University Professors of animal-related or population related topics, very recognized authors of cat behavior, health & other cat related books, and other Professionals in cat-specific or animal related fields are members of The Cat Site and participate in its forums.

However, if anyone would like to read information and research about early age spay-neuter, the health and behavior of benefits of spaying and neutering, and/or the pet overpopulation problem by recognized institutions and known experts, feel free to click on any of the appropriate links provided in my signature line to take you to your area of interest. The facts are:

1) that it is safer and healthier for your pet to be spayed and neutered as early as possible.

2) that 7 weeks is a safe age at which to have your cat spayed or neutered (Winn Feline Foundation Study on Early Age Spay/Neuter)

3) there is a serious pet overpopulation problem in most countries including the United States, and unless you are a knowledgable breeder breeding to protect specific genetic characteristics, it is simply irresponsible to let your cat produce a litter of kittens. There are plenty of animals available as companions or "mousers."

Again, please visit any of the links in my signature line for further education.
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