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I'm so sorry. . The main thing is, it's been spotted!!.

Your still young and thank god for the knowledge and treatments our hospitals now have, there will be something to sort out your problem.

Don't keep it from your family or friends, it's nothing to be ashamed of. You've had a shock which is only natural, but don't go it alone!.

You know everyone here will let you have a shoulder to lean on

Keep us updated.
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Hello, there!
Even if I don't know you, I know how you're feeling! My mom is the same age as you are... And she got really really sick SOOO suddenly- we all got soooo confused and upset! Anyways, I wish you all the best, God bless you and I hope soon you'll be fine. I want to post here a little poem that might cheer you up a little bit!
I Have A Secret Place

I have a secret place,
Where friends are always welcome,
Where warm wishes and happy times abound.

I have a secret place,
Where my family is always safe,
Where all my loved ones stay close at hand.

I have a secret place,
Where God surrounds me with peace and love,
Where I am not afraid to be myself.

I have a secret place,
Where I will take a child in trouble,
Where a tear is turned into a smile.

I have a secret place,
Where no one hurts or feels the pain of sickness,
Where there is enough love for all I meet.

I have a secret place,
Where you are always welcome,
That secret place is my heart.

by Jo-Ann Harrison

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OMG thats so lovely!

I'm sure Tammie and the others will love it as well.

Thank you.
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I forgot to tell you! My mom was so scared to tell me about her beeing sick, becouse her illness is really really dengerous and also a lot of people think if you have it- it means you've beeing lliving your life wrong or something. She kept it for us( or try to, because we saw- something is wrong) for couple of days- and she misses our support and was crying and crying and crying...AND IT"S totally wrong! We all are here to support you, but who will support you the best as not your family members?????
PLEASE, get well ASAP and lots of good vibes to you again!
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Tammie Honey I hope that you are okay and you got all the vibes that me and the boys and my girl Nakita can give you.
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Thanks everybody. I appreciate all the good thoughts. And Nakita's hugs!

I went to my regular doctor. Looks like she wants to call it CHF. She put me on more medicine and told me no Ibuprofen or NSAID's. Cut down on the salt and soda. She also said to take it kind of easy for a couple of weeks. Then I'm to have my blood work repeated and the chest xray. We'll see how I do next week when I go back to my 7 days on at work. That's 7 days in a row of looooooooooong hours!
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I'm sorry about the dx. Certainly hope the new meds will be effective for you. Wow, seven long days at work doesn't sound like taking it easy! You remain in my prayers.
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Dear Mzjazz2u,

Good vibes sent, and I'll keep you in my prayers. (They won't have to far to go. I am here in Northern Arizona.) Get on the internet and do some research. The one thing that I have learned about doctors is that they cannot kept up with all the new information. Just because they are doctors doesn't mean they know it all. It is your health, become informed. Take care.

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It's a good thing you went in to check. I feel bad that you have to go through this, especially at this age. I hope and pray that you'll get well soon. Take care and enjoy your weekend. Keep us updated, okay!
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I'm keeping you in my thoughts Tammie.
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I'm praying for you. I think you've had more than your share of bad news recently.
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Still praying for you Tammie
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Oh Tammie, good wishes and prayers from me too. This is serious if not treated, but quite manageable if you pay attention to what your doctor tells you. And you are way too young to have all of these problems! Just know, its not your fault, some of us are just wired to have these medical things go wrong, and thank god we have science and technology to help us live healthy lives. I know a few people who have been living with CHF and other complications with no real impact on their life style, apart from paying really close attention to the food and medication guidelines that the doctor prescribes.
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Thank you again everyone. I'm still feeling a bit unsure about all of this. And still kind of nervous.

I have had a lot of things go on the last 2 years and have been considering a couple of pretty drastic moves to ease things. I'm sure you'll hear about them very soon! I can't seem to keep quiet when it comes to this group!
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Tammy, hope you're feeling more encouraged today! Goblin has given wonderful advice that you would be wise to educate yourself about this condition and your best treatment options. Not only do the doctors not know it all, they frequently just don't tell you all the information you need. What Sammy5 said is so true. This is in no way your fault! Sounds like you're in the process of making some pretty big decisions, and I'm glad you know we'll be here to listen when that time comes.
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Many hugs to you Tammie!!! You are in my prayers girl!!
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