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bouncing off the walls!!

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I can't stand still! I just found out that I've been conditionally
accepted to a program in Ontario!! It's called "Animal Care" and it
touches a bit of everything (grooming, vet tech, zoo, exotics,
etc...). I was worried for a while because they kept saying I was
missing something in my application (which I wasn't), but it looks
like someone finally came to their senses and found what was missing.

Now that I know I'll probably be accepted, I really have to start
doing some homework. Gotta look for an apartment that allows dogs
(Dixie's coming with me), I gotta break the news to my boss (not
looking forward to that one... I love my job!), consider wether I'll
be living in Brampton (where the school is) or Toronto, wether or not
I need to get a car, or take public transportation, etc...

Sorry this is so long, I just needed to tell EVERYBODY!!!
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Thats brilliant news!!!!.
Well done you, no wonder your excited!!
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CONGRATULATIONS That sounds so exciting
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Maybe your boss could give you a reference on how well you do your job and then you could work nearer your school?
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Congratulations! It sounds interesting. When would the program start?
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How cool for you! Congrats! It sounds very interesting and fun.
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Yay! Congratulations!
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Congratulations! That is wonderful news!!!
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Congradulations!!!!!! That is terrific news.

Maybe your boss can give you a reference.
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WOOOHOOOO! I've heard of programs like that one and they sound wonderful! I would suggest checking the prices of apartments online. Something tells me living in Toronto will be more expensive!

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That sounds like a really cool program.
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Congrats!! How very exciting!

In Toronto, you should be able to take public transportation. The subway is most often the choice of people who don't have a car. Or what I have been told when I visited there.

Good luck finding an apartment! I just know you'll find something wonderful for the two of you.
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Wow I also want to send my congrats to you and it really sounds great to me
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