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Kitty Poetry.

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The Jeeperscat – a poem about Jeepers

The Jeeperscat may look tiny,
And dainty, and pretty, and small,
But underneath,
She’s all claws and teeth,
As if she were ten feet tall.

The Jeeperscat looks like an angel,
But surprise is her ultimate goal.
When on the windowsill,
You know she will,
End up sat on the curtain pole.

The Jeeperscat needs some company,
So you hire a ‘Kittysitter’,
You come home and she grins,
You concede ‘she wins’
Cos the house is knee deep in litter.

The Jeeperscat eats for Britain,
But she NEVER EVER gets fat.
She’s always on the go,
To and fro,
Chasing imaginary rats.

The Jeeperscat lies by the fire,
And you think she’s having a nap,
Then you hear a crash,
And then a splash,
She’s in the sink, head under the tap!!

The Jeeperscat lies there calmly,
Until your back is turned,
You turn your head,
And your slippers are ‘dead’,
You think by now you’d have learned!

The Jeeperscat appears beside you,
And purrs whilst she gives you a ‘kiss’,
She gives you nose a ‘tap’,
And snuggles your lap,
It’s worth it for moments like this.

\t\t\t\t\t\t\tBy Rhian.

And one about Axl too........

Axl is a feline

Axl is a feline,
With the most discerning taste.
He’ll eat Giant Rats,
Or Vampire Bats,
And never lets anything waste.

Axl is a feline,
Who mews just like a kitten.
Even though he’s quite old,
(The truth be told)
One meow and I’m sure you’ll be smitten!

Axl is a feline,
His fur is a glorious red*
He likes to run,
And lie in the sun,
Stretched out in the flowerbed.

Axl is a feline,
Who likes to hunt at night,
He’ll leave you a gift,
Please don’t get miffed,
If the mousies give you a fright.

Axl is a feline,
Who’s cunning to the core.
You can scream and shout,
And lock him out,
Cos he’s figured out opening the door.

Axl is a feline,
With gorgeous long, soft fur,
If you give him a pat,
Imagine that!
He’ll reward you with a purr.

Axl is a feline,
Who I miss more than anything.
It’s not too bad,
Cos he lives with my Dad,
And will always be my ‘Lion King’.

By Rhian.

(* It’s really more of a orangey gold.)
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Wonderful poems Rhian! I feel like I know Jeepers and Axl a bit better now, and love them too. :
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They aren't as naughty as I make them sound........... honest
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They sound sooooooooo naughty! Great poems
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Great poems, Rhian -- I can just see their antics!
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nice poems!
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Great poems Rhian. Naughty Jeepers I bet you have a lot of fun.
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Those are great poems Rhian.

Jill and Candy
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