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Let the story begin....

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Hi, everybody! Long time- no see!!!!!
Well, I have a little story to tell you- about me and my new little baby! We still are looking for the name for our baby, but..let me start....
As you know I've been looking forward to adopt a cat, somehow, people at the Shelter never aproovied me for a kitty( because they found out I am not a resident of US yet and probably got scared I might leave my kitty-cat on a streets if i will have to go back home to Russia, but it's not true!!!!! I would never ever leave my cat for any've been soooo sad I didn't get a kitty, every time I would see a little puppy in a car, a dog outside, cat runing around, I would strat "Oh my Gosh, Vlad( my boyfriend's name), look who's there....I want to have a kitty too...."...Yesterday my boyfriend broght to me a little 6 week old red kitty...He is SOOOOOO cute!!! And first thing he did - jumped on me, lay dawn on my shoulder, then on my neck and I got a feeling he knew I am his mommy!!!!! He is so little tinny-tigny thing!!!! If I am not around him- he's crying, looking for me all over my house!!!! And what is more surprising for me- he is like a little king of my place- not scared of a new place at all!!!! If he's not sleeping- kitty is running around, sneefing and toching everything, and he's like always been a part of our househood!!!! But! More is coming! Two days before I got a little surprize in a box from my boyfriend, I was really sick, my throt was all red and I couldn't even eat properly- only hot-hot food and only chicken soup. So, first thing my kitty did tonight - he spent ALL night on my neck!!!! Today- my throt is normal, no pain- and everything is just great!!!!!! So, besides litle baby I also got my personal doctor!!!!! ;-) I took lots and lots of pictures of my baby and sure will post them soon!
The only thing I have to ask is- should I wait a little bit( like couple of weeks)- before I'll take him to the first visit at the annimal clinic or should it be my first thing to do ASAP??!! Also, as far as I know, my boyfriend just got this kitty from some househoold, so do I have to go to the annimal shelter and buy a lisence before I can go to see a veterinarian?! Just curious....
ok, everybody have a great day!!!!!!
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Congrats on your new baby!!!! I bet you are sooo happy. I remember when I first got Dori, I was estatic! As far as the vet thing, I got Dori at 8 weeks old and I took her to the vet only a couple days after I got her. Honestly, I can't for the life of me remember if she got shots on her first visit or not. I would think they would at least check out your baby and make sure she is healthy. Check for infections etc. Also, I don't know of the rules are different anywhere else but where I am (in Florida) you don't need a license to take your cat to the vet. You just walk in and fill out some paperwork. The only license required here is a rabies license.
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Hello and congratulations on your new baby! Glad he could be there to cuddle up with you when you were sick. They always know how to make us feel better, don't they! How long have you been in the US? It's definitely important that you schedule your baby an appt. to see the vet! I'm not sure exactly where you are located, but unless there are laws of which I am unaware, I don't believe you are required to obtain a liscence to do so. This is one of the many things you can learn from your vet as you begin you role of being owned by a kitty!
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Hello , nice to see you back again .
My congrats on your new baby . I would go to the vet for the first shots he may need and also for a health check up . All you need to fill out at the vet is the Name of your baby , birth , gender ect and that's it . Nothing else is needet . They also will tell you when to come back for the next visit and what booster shots he may need , or when he needs the rabies shots . It is alway better to go to the vet to make sure he is healthy . So good luck with your new bay .
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Oh i'm so pleased for you!, and your baby sounds gorgeous. I'm also getting a new kitten to keep Rosie company, but she's too young to leave her mum yet so i have to wait another week or so.

I don't know the routine where you are, but here in the UK my vet checks them over on a first visit free of charge, then they give me a health record book which contains all of Rosies details e.g. her name, sex, colour, what shots she's had, and boxes which the vet himself ticks such as her weight, if her eyes/ears are ok etc...And i take this book back to the vets once a year to get filled in when she goes for her yearly check.

Then at about 9 weeks they have their first lot of shots, then a second lot about 2 weeks later, and when their about 8 months old they get spayed!.

Send us some pics of your baby asap!
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Amazing!!!! My baby is soooooo sweet! can you imaging- he let me chek his ears, teath, eyes, claws...and seem to enjoy that!!!! I've been in US for 4 years, and I AM NOT coming back! I USA!!!! Also, my very good friend works in Animal Clinic( he's not a vet, but on a very last course in college!), he told me the only thing I will need for first chek- is my kitty-cat! And I should bring him as soon as possible- he even said he will help me with appointment and everything. I AM SOOOOO HAPPY! I picked up couple of names here for my baby- Ruski( it's kind of a soda-drink, but I think it has some alchohol and also it sound soooo close to Russian IN russian language! ;-) ) , Simba, Tiggra..I have to decide on that... What do u think? And I have another question here( oh MY, being a parent brings out so much stuff to learn!!!!!)- I have a really nice balcony, and it's all "closed" kind a from bags and doesn't have any holes my baby could fall of- but how safe it is for my kitty to go out-side on a balcony walk?! I know it's probably not really safe till he'll get his shots, but later on...There is nothing that could cause his fallover the balcony, but he still can see what's going on outside( I have a house with ocean view and there is a very interesting back yard ...) I am just too scared he might like outside and runaway from me one Should I let him go for a walk on a balcony????
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Are you on the 1st floor? Is your balcony completely enclosed? You mentioned some bags but I wasn't sure what you meant by that. If it's not ( I asked this same question a few weeks ago, I live on the 3rd floor) then you don't want to take a chance on him falling off the balcony. You could train him to use a harness, especially since he is still young. Or you could check this out

someone referred me to that link when I asked about the balcony situation. If your planning to let him be an outdoor cat, then I don't know anything about training them to come back home after going outside to play, etc. My Dori stays inside. I tried the harness thing but she hated being outside and would only lay down, she did like the patio but she had a bad reaction to the pollen a couple weeks ago and had to go to the vet. So I don't let her do that anymore.
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Well, I live on a first floor and my balcony is totally enclosed!!!!! ... Unless he will bite that thing on a windows( like little celled material...????) which I am sure he will! I am not planning to make my kitty an outdoor- only indorr- because as I said we live on a beach, there are so many crazy visitors!( drivers!), there is an ocean access also....I'll be too scared for him...My boyfriend already warned me- I worry to much for my kitty, and I shouldn't, he said if I'll be soooooo crazy about taking care of my cat- he won't be that strong..But I think my boyfriend is wrong- it is always better to know- what is good for your cat and what is wrong. See, my boyfriend is Russian also, and in Russia we used to feed our cats with Human food- so now we have that terrible fight with him- he said we're gonna feed our kitten with real MEAT( beef, pork and so on), with milk, vegies and staff...But I read that I should feed cat ONLY with proper kitten/cat food!!!!!! I have no idea what should I do now????
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It may be ok to let him on the patio. If it is totally screened in, I think it would be possible for him to climb the screen and tear holes in it, but if you only let him on the patio when you are home and can keep an eye on him, I would think he would be ok. He will probably love it out there. I wish I lived on the ocean! As far as food, I thought it was bad to feed cats people food. I sometimes will give Dori a little taste, she really likes pork but I quit letting her taste it when I read was bad for cats.... I can't remember exactly what it said. I will try to find the list I found of human food that is toxic for cats and post a link.
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Thank you so much! I know that milk is not good for kittens! Screened! That the word I was looking for my balcony! Exactly! It is totally screened! And I have to huge double-glass doors, so I think while I am out- my Tigger can just watch everything from inside and still have fun....I also heard it is a good idea to live TV on, while I am at work, so kitty will not feel too lonely. How safty is that? What about special sprays for traying you cat recognize "No-zones''? How do they work, are they toxic?
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You named him! Tigger, I like it! I leave my radio on low when I go to work for Dori. I don't know about "no-zone" sprays. I have never used anything like that....
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Congratulations!! Can't wait to see some pictures.
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not quite named him yet...still thinking....But he is my little tigger, my little sunny boy..sandy mind....swetie-pie...creamy nose....Love him, absolutely...Will post pics tonight- prrrrrrrr-prrrr-prrrrr-promice!
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Congratulations on your new kitten!!!

I'm going to move this to Behavior since the majority of you current questions are in that area. They can help with your nutritional questions too.

And I agree with you totally - it is good to ask questions and educate yourself about your new baby so he can be healthy and happy!
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Thank you!
have some more questions- will post in different thread I guess.... ;-)
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Hi Yoursleeka,

I am new to the site since you last visited. Welcome back!!

I agree with some of what your boyfriend thinks, but disagree with some of what he thinks, too. I agree that we should feed our pets real, natural food. I stopped feeding cat chow several years ago. I feed my cats mostly chicken and a small amount of vegetables and they do beautifully on this. Cat food is very convenient for people to use, but I found a company that prepares a balanced diet for cats that is fresh-frozen.

But I don't think I can agree about looking out for cats making them weak. (I think that is what your boyfriend thinks, that you can overprotect them). Kittens have to learn about their world and so they are very, very curious. WE need to be cautious FOR them, like their mother cat would. And pet cats DEPEND on us to keep them safe. This is normal for a pet, and it is part of domestication. They remain forever a little bit like a baby animal. So tell your boyfriend, please, that you are NEVER going to let this cat NEED to be that strong because you plan on always being its home and its owners. I LOVE how you use Smilies in your posts!!!!!
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I really think you're right and I should take care of my baby as his mother cat! He will never ever live outside so he doesn't have to be THAT strong( whatever my boyfriend ment), now we have fighting about shots for kitty- "Why do you have to? In Russia people don't do any shots for cats, unless something really happened to them and they get sick"- he told me.... well, I want to make sure, that my baby will not get sick, the same as when I was little my mom took me to the doctor for first shots, and even beeing adult I am taking vitamins and nutrition supplies just to make sure I get enough of everything I had to..not because "everybody do that", but because it's right thing to do....
Ok, I hope my boyfriend relise- when he gave me kitty as a gift- he becomes MINE, so it's after me to decide what's better!
My baby really thinks I am his mother! He's running all over the house just to follow me, then play, then sleep in my laps or on my shoulder, or on my hand....Today when I was taking shower he went crazy- crying and almost screaming - trying to find me in our house, then he almost jumped in a bath tub( now I know- he's not scared of the water at all)!!! I tryed to talk to him and sign for him- he wouldn't stp calling for me- so I had to hurry up and when I finally took him, he gave me lots and lots loud prrrss.... And this early early morning he woke up, went to the bathroom( yeah, by the way, I only showed him ones where is his litter box- and he's using it with great pleasure now without me- looking after him!!!! clever boy!!!) and then started to cry, I guess he forgot where he left me a minute ago!!!! So, I put dawn my hand on a floor and he jumped back on a bed!!! Gave me lot's of prrs again and stated to look all over me for...his mom brest???!!! This is the only explanation I can give...he was very-very nervious and I didn't want to go and feed him, because I know- do it once and then every day at 5 AM he will wake me up!!! ( even if I don't mind- feeding him takes me 2-3 minutes, then... lots of hugs for my baby and I could go back to sleep again anyways, just want hime to be good boy and eat with everybody after we woke up!!!) So, after 15 minutes talking and playing with him this morning he went back to sleep in my head again( or right next to my face- this is his favorite place now!!!1), but I was just wondering, if I am doing everything right? or should I try to leave access to food for him at night so he can go and eat at any time? ( His dish with food is in our dining room, in very safty low-traffic place, but he sleeps with me in our bedroom, so should I just leave the door open for him or replace his dish?)
Also, my baby likes to eata lot! It seems he just ate, then played with me for 15 minutes, got really-really tired, and fall a sleep...then he repites all over again! But he only sleeping for 15-20 minutes during the day- then eating again, then playing and sleeping! And he seems soooo happy about his life, but I was just wondering- how many times does he have to eat? I know he's growing and staff, but sometimes he looks to me like a little balloon and when he walkes - he is soooooooo funny! I mean, nothing really wrong with him- I am cheking his litter box every time after he left it- and everything is just great( stinx, but I think it's the way it should be! ). Also- how many times does usually kitties go to the bath? I know- it all dipends on how much they ate and drunk, but still....I just want to make sure everything is fine with my sweetie!
Ok, now about food. I'd like to try to feed him with natural food( just to bring some diffirence in his diet), but I have this question, if it's meat( chicken or pork, or beef), do I have to cook it, or leave it half uncooked or uncooked? I know there is a terrible worm egg could be in beef blood if it's not cooked( I don't remember it's name- but it is loooooong worm!) , and what about veggies ( esterday my baby tried little piece of banana I was eating and seemed to enjoy it!)- do I have to cook carrots and so on, or just make sure everything is clean and fresh?
what about milk? Buttermilk? Yougurt? Then what about any kinds of soups( noodle soup, checken sopp etc.?)I am soooo excited to be a young mother!!!! I am so-sooooooooo in love with my kitty!!!! He is soooo cute!
Thanx for your help guys again!!!!
Have a wonderfull time here!
Lots and lots of prrrsss to you from me and my kitty!
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oh, yeah, forgot to mention- I have some toys for him, some of them I bought, some fo them were mine, and some of them- I made from boxes and paper, but my kitty wouldn't play with all that, he enjoyes my hands and feet instead!!!! When I am trying to play with him, he's not hunting for the toy, he's hunting for my hand!!!!1 what should I do? Myby he is just too little yet and don't understand????
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I will admit that I know next to nothing about a real food diet for cats. I do know that some of the diets have recently been found to actually be harming the health of cats (I think it was the RAW Diet, but I'm not 100% sure). If you decide to do this, be sure to do a lot of research so that kitty gets all the nutrition that he needs. In the meantime, honestly I would get him a good quality kitten food - read the ingredients and make sure that a meat product (chicken, lamb, beef) is listed first.

About him playing with your hands....this really isn't a good thing. It is cute when he's a little baby, but when he's a 15 pound cat it won't be that cute. When he goes after your hands or feet, take them away and get up and stop playing with him for a few minutes. When you start playing with him, entice him with a toy....if he still goes after your hands, stop playing for a while. It won't take long for him to learn that toys are for playing, hands are for petting.

I love reading your posts. I love seeing your excitment and wanting to do the very best for your new little baby!
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Don't let him play with your hands! He'll never stop wanting to bite you. This was the biggest mistake I made with my kitten.
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Hello, again....Yes, I know it is really really bad thing to play with him with my hands, and I usually stop for a second, so he can calm dawn, and I have to admit he kind a starts to learn that Toy- is to play and my hands to pet him....But!!!! When I am at work, I have my boyfriend who WANTS HIS CAT to scratch and bite- that's what ALL cats do, he told me...and fighted over and over again....I know though when out little baby will become a HUGE tiger- my boyfriend will go crazy from scratches and bites!!!!! So I just keep figting...Should I get a toy with catnip?So my cat will go crazy?
I really DO enjoy reading this forum and be a part of this community!
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hi welcome back to the site and congrats on the new babie
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Catnip won't do anything for the little guy yet. Kittens don't respond at all to catnip until they are around 6 months old.

Even if you can't win the battle with your boyfriend on playing with hands, at least you can teach him that YOUR hands aren't toys. But please, try to convince your boyfriend that it will HURT when kitten gets big!
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I really hope I will win that battle with my boyfriend. But my kitty just doesn't want to play with toys other then my hands, and he already scratch me- btw- what is the best time to start catting his claws a little bit? because his are already kind a big and hurts! Sometimes when he's running all over the house our carpet gets him and he fall over- it is so funny, but I am afraid it could hurt our baby.... It is soo great to be a mother!!!!
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What I did with my kitten at around 8 weeks was trim a very small bit at the ends of his claws, just enough so they weren't sharp. He learned very young that getting your claws trimmed is no big deal. He even purrs when I do it now.

And keep an eye on him after you do this. He's probably gotten used to climbing on furniture by digging his claws into things. He'll be very surprised when those claws don't work very well all of a sudden.
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I'm not sure how young would be too young to cut your baby's nails, but the sooner you get him used to you manipulating them the better. Your nutrition concerns may do well posted in our health and nutrition forum, and you can also find lots of info there! Sierra eats 25-50% raw right now. She eats amore preprepared raw rabbit, salmon and veggie. Check out their website . There is lots of info you can find on the web regarding raw food diets. If you choose to prepare it yourself, you must be extremely careful in the storage and preparation or you're correct in that it can be deadly! You must also store the prepackaged carefully! Sierra mainly eats Innova Lite(she's on a diet). Check them out at . I wouldn't personally recommend that your baby eat as his regular food anything you can simply pick up at the grocery store. Check into the premium and super premium kitten foods! Many more are recommended on the nutrition forum. These are just a few thoughts to get you going!
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Hello Guys!!!!
Happy to say- I DID WIN! And we called our kitty finally- he's name now is Simba! (**The Lion King!!!! ) Yesterday was such a great day! We are doing great! Learning how to play with toys, not with hands, he get's little bit bored in a while and trying to jump on my hand or feet, but I am just stopping and putting him away for a second so he can calm dawn. Also, yesterday was his third day in our house- and it was time for hunting!!!! He was running all over the house, all mad, looking for some kind of "prey"!!!! I read once about the box you brought your kitty in- somebody tol me here- it's great toy!!! Well, I did used box, lots and lots of noise papers, plastic straws, and my boyfriend put some kind of material( I don't remember the name, but it's kind a plastik, but not really and we used it when we went dawn to west virginia in our camping trip! We used it in our tent!). It's a little piece of material but my Simba seem to like to climb it. Also, ( attention! it might seem weird to you! ), we don't have lot's of furniture in our house- we don't like couches and preffer to lay dawn on a floor! So, I guess Simba likes it even more, because most of the time we are on our 4( 2 hands 2 legs! )- just like him!
My boyfriend did some great work with our computer wires, and today after work we're going to the forest we have close by to look for any pieses of trees, that we could use for climbing toy! Of course- we're not going to cut any trees! We gonna pick up some from the ground and also my boyfriend's going to work on it, so it become safe and great climbing toy for our Simba! I am so happy that both of us are taking parts in our kitty's life!!!!

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