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A Revived Cat Lover

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My name is Andrea and I live near Toronto in Canada with my fiancee Jason. We lost our special dog Tessa a while ago.. we put her to sleep because of her aggression( including the desire to hurt cats) that didn't respond to anything.. But we feel that our house has been empty for a while now and a friend needs a home for their cat which doesn't like the new baby! He's a little black and white kitty, with big whiskers!.. he's 1 years old and named Boots!! I'll get some pictures soon maybe! Its hard in the hard moments of grief to imagining loving any animal again.. and then some little creature comes into your life again.. the only thing is.. selfish me.. that I don't like my adopted cat's name very much.. I renamed another cat before.. it worked out ok.. anyone else had any luck? Great site!

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Welcome to TCS. Many of the adoptors from the rescue I volunteer with rename their cats. Good Luck.

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Welcome to TCS
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Welcome to the site and congrats on the new kitty! We have lots of very knowledgeable people around, so if you have any questions about him, please ask!

You know, cats aren't like dogs....they generally don't necessarily respond to their name anyway. Being that the little guy is only 1 year old anyway, I wouldn't think renaming him would be a problem. Bless you for taking in this cat! He will never replace your beloved dog Tessa, but he will create another place in your heart full of love.
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My parents have a black and white cat named Boots as well. Boots turns 12 this year and is he spoiled? You betcha!
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Welcome, welcome, welcome!

I don't know about anyone else, but my kitties think they are doggies... they sit, roll over & even fetch... they also do the CUTEST begging act.

Good luck with your new kitty... you might be suprised. Dogs & cats are different, and they fill your heart in different ways... Thank you for taking in the kitty kitty!
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Renaming your new kitty will be fine...I've seen renamed cats and dogs that have been much older, and thay are fine. Our German shepard was renamed....the lady at the humane society suggested it because of his past (he was neglected and beaten by his previous owners) and he did fine. He adjusted to his new life pretty well....it took awhile for him to get over his fear of men (he used to pee on the floor everythime one even walked by him)...now he lets anyone pet him and will roll on his belly for a good scratch. We also renamed a 6 yr old himilayan we fostered...her original name was Horsie!

LOL needless to say, she got renamed, and she adjusted to it VERY quicky! I am happy that you took this baby in...hopefully he'll fill that special place in your heart for animals.
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Welcome to TCS.

And thanks for bringing Boots into your home, though he will never replace Tessa Boots will have a special place in your hearts too.

Both my cats are adopted and I changed their names and they are doing well with it.
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Congrats on your new addition!! I hope 'Boots' settles well, have you thought of a name yet?
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welcome to the site
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Hi. Nice to have you and Boots here. I would think renaming him would be okay. I renamed Dil after we got him and he did just fine. I agree with what others here have said that I don't think cats really respond to their name per se, I think it's more the tone of our voice that they respond to. So what's going to be his new name? You are a kind kitty angel for taking Boots in ... I hope you both will grow to love each other more and more. And again ... welcome to the site.
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Welcome to TCS. Just wait until your new kittie worms it way into your heart, you will have such a special relationship. Many cats are renamed. Think of all the lost and abandoned ones who are rehomed, nobody knows what their old name was and they soon get used to their new name. I find that mine respond to sounds more than names, such as the Iams bag being opened !!!!
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Hi all.. wow thanks for all the great encouragement and emails! You guys are so fun! Well, he's doing really well.. I have never seen an adult cat adjust so well to a new home.. they usually hide, but he was very curious and even used his litter box in the first half and hour. On his back he has all black fur except for little single dashes of white hairs that make him look like he has been salted and peppered, so I renamed him Pepper. A lot of treats and some catnip toys have him responding to his name pretty well. Its so interesting having a cat again.. such a different personality, but so expressive and cute.. he took it upon himself to fall asleep on my forearm so I couldn't move. I think after Pepper has found himself at home and part of our family, we want to get another cat from a shelter. There are a lot in my area and some live in cages for months. Our original idea was to get one from a shelter, but now we found Pepper.. but I think he needs a brother or sister too.. and those shelter cats need love and homes so much.. I have two questions though.. He isn't fixed yet and he has always been an indoor cat.. when will he start spraying? He's got a couple of vet visits before his fixing so I was wondering.. oh and how many cats is too many? he he he..
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As Pepper is 1 year old I would get him neutered straight away Andrea. He could be spraying by now, and he will be happier after he is neutered (even more soft than he is now). Love his new name.

I'm sure everyone has their own idea of how many is too many. It depends on what you feel is too many. If I had a big house and enough money to feed them properly I would keep on getting more. Can only afford the four I have and look after them the way I should. But that is me, you may find you want more than four or less. Pepper sounds so affectionate.
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