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New to the Forum, need some help w/cat

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Hello all,
I'm new here and at my wits end with my 20 month old cat. She is very aggressive. I have tried many different tactics to get her to calm down when she's around people. Right now she hisses at my father in law and swats at him whenever he walks past her. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I want to adopt another cat but I'm worried that she will not accept the other cat and end up hurting it.
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Is she spayed? She is of the age that spaying would be a necessary thing for her and would calm her down as well. She also is just quite young and probably has not been introduced to humans at the stage she should have as a kitten and has no people coping skills. If it is just your father-in-law then perhaps he inadvertently scared or hurt her? Hard to say-
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Welcome to the site! I'm going to move this to Behavior where our resident experts (besides Hissy ) will see it.
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Thank you for replying. Yes, she is spayed. We adopted her when she was 10 weeks old from her mommy and two sister cats. The last time we took her to the vet she really went after him, claws out and spitting. My theory for that incident is that the vet she saw was the same one who did the spay surgery.
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Please click here to read a thread about how to stop kitty aggression.

Also, I think you are very wise to seek advice before adopting a new cat. I think bringing home a new cat is an excellent idea because new cat will likely help your cat burn off some excess energy. But...if introductions are not done correctly, a new adoption can be disasterous. So, please click here to read a thread on how to have a successful introduction of a new cat to an old cat.
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My girlfriend's mom has a tripod kitty who has the same attitude problem. What I have found with certain cats, is that they will choose who will be their "human" and no one else is welcome to share their affection.

I don't know why some kitties are like that, but, some of them are. You may want to give her a chance... angry tripod kitty has begun to mellow in her age.
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