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Emergency! Fire At Shelter!

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On Easter Sunday there was a major fire at Happy Hills Animal Foundation. Thankfully ALL of the animals are OK.
The house which was used as their office and storage is completley destroyed. They lost all records & office equipment (they have received an offer of a new fax machine & some file cabinets), all their food & cat litter, many medications (including Advantage, Frontline, & Sentinel), all their vaccines, their heartworm test kits, microchip scanner & microchips.
There are donations of food & litter coming in but there is no storage space!!!!!!

2 of the cat houses - which were next to the main house - had to be evacuated. Fortunatley people arrived just as the smoke was billowing into them & while the cats were panicked they were OK. The main shop is crowded with cats in cages. I went there yesterday and took 11 cats - 5 for here and 6 for a friend of mine who is housing them in an outdoor pen (which we made from a 10 x 10 dog kennel yesterday evening & is actually quite nice).

If you live in NC and coudl foster an animal that woudl be great, there is clearly a HUGE amount of work to be done and the fewer animals there are there the better.

They did have fire insurance, I do not know how much of the contents of the house will be covered. Hopefully in a week or so we'll have a better idea of that.

They are asking right now for DONATIONS so that they can buy supplies as needed - there really isn't anywhere to store a lot of stuff so they want to be able to get things as they can use them.

They have info on their site, you need to allow pop-ups or you will miss it.
their url is www.hhaf.org

Please crosspost this everywhere you can!

thank you
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Oh no! Thank goodness the animals are okay. I hope they have success finding lots of foster (and permanent) homes.
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