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Ebay selling cats???

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This is actually a response to an ad that popped up ont this website: Find Ragdoll cats at great prices...start shopping now...www.Ebay.com

Now...I could be wrong...but I thought it was illegal to "sell animals" on ebay. Am I correct? And if so, what was the purpose of that ad?

For that matter...should it be legal to have "auctions" for animals? My opinion is no.
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Actually it is just a hook or a gimmick, and if you had clicked on the link, it would likely take you to merchandise featuring that breed of cat.

I got suckered by that a little bit a go, when they offered Siberians for sale. Turned out to be a link to all sorts of merchandise about the breed, and not actual cats. To my knowledge, if eBay finds out living animals are being auctioned off, they stop the auction as quick as possible.
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We have the very same ad here at TCS. The hyperlink says "Ragdoll cats for sale." I think the word "products" or something similiar should have been included in that link to avoid confusion.
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I did actually click on the link, and if you read closely it said Rag Doll Cats for Sale. They were selling dolls made of fabric or rags, like Raggedy Ann and Cat.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
I did actually click on the link, and if you read closely it said Rag Doll Cats for Sale. They were selling dolls made of fabric or rags, like Raggedy Ann and Cat.
Heidi, are you sure? I couldn't see the ad. It looks like Ebay pulled it. Rag dolls are a breed of cats.
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Yes, quite sure. They didn't pull the ad, when I looked it was even on this thread (but I know they do rotate ads on threads). Ragdolls are the breed, one word. The ad is for Rag Doll Cats. I clicked on the ad because I was disconcerted that they would be advertising it as well, knowing the policy of Ebay to not allow the sales of live animals. It is definitely a sales gimick, and it definitely did catch my attention. I don't think it's a good gimick, but then again...we are talking about it!
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I get crazy Ebay ads all the time when doing Web searches. e.g., "Ebay offers for Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex", "Search Ebay for Bright's Disease, constitutional amendments, visa requirements,....."
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Phew....I couldn't click the link for some reason...but I'm glad it isn't for cats themselves. Every once in a while..someone will try to auction off their fish WITH the tank.

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One time I was searching Ebay and did find a listing for someone trying to sell a littler of kittens..........I was trying to report it to Ebay but was still very new to that site. The auction ended with no bids on it tho. but there was nothing I could do about it.
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About a month ago I was searching the ebay boards for dogs supplies and run across an auction for a Yorkshire Terrier. Needless to say I was and let Ebay know ASAP! The auction was pulled by the next day. Really put a burr in my backside the starting bid on the precious little dog was $10.
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They can still sell fish though...

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I was so worried when I first took a look at this topic. Honestly,who would have the heart to sell and living,feeling sweet animal on an AUCTION ONLINE?!?!?!?! I feel it is pretty darn crazy to sell fish online though. I am still worried. I'm going to go to Ebay and make sure there aren't any live animals for sale.
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then don't go to animalauction.com That is all they did was sell live animals of every sort. Some of us got them shut down a little bit ago, but they keep popping up every once in awhile!
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How awful! I'm going to go take a look and try to get some shut down! Nothing is more discusting then trying to auction and animal and show it no repect and love. Tha kind of action gets me really mad!!!!!!!!!!!!
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