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Sunshine went to the vet and....

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So, Sunshine and the kittens went to the vet today for their 2 week check up and for Sunshine's "bald" spot. Here is all of what they told me, and a few questions I have for all of you cat experts.
1. Sunshine was tested for ear mites and ringworm. The results were she definitly has ear mites so they treated her for that, and the ringworm tests will take 7 days.
2. They tested her for FeLV/Fiv and both were negative.
3. She got her 1 year Rabies shot.
4. They think she has fleas. They saw a flea "dropping", so they said she may have fleas. They also said that she cannot be treated because she is nursing.
Here is my question. If she has/had fleas and I can't treat her, aren't they just going to get worse? The doctor said the kittens can wean at 4-5 weeks and then she can go on Frontline. So I know that I've read on here before about natural remedies. Is there any thing that I can do for her now so the problem doesn't get any worse? Also, they said the kittens probably will get them, so I should bathe them once a week in Johnson's Baby shampoo and if Sunshine will let me to bathe her too. All this seems to be ridiculous to me. There must be something that I can do for them now, and not have to wait 5 weeks.
Another question is I talked to them about having her spayed. They said she has to wait 6 weeks till the kittens are weaned. They also said it would be estimated at $350!!!!!!!!!!! I almost had a heartattack. I knew it would cost me something, but that seems to be a completely insane amount!! If that is the case, I'll have to get rid of all the kittens now because my husband will kill me if I spend that kind of money on her. Has anyone else paid this much?
Thanks in advance for the responses!!!!!!!!
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I have never paid that much. That is a lot!!!!!! I have paid $140 before. I would try another vet!!
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I'm not a vet or very experienced with vet medicine, but a lot of the things you mentioned sound way off to me.

First of all, did they use that ultraviolet light to look at the bald spot? That test has an immediate result, either the patch glows or it doesn't. Of course, this doesn't find all types of ringworm, but it does find a lot of them. Also, can't they just check there at the office? I know when I had my dog in the other day for her skin problem, the vet did a number of tests right there in the office, including skin scraping and microscopic work.

Now, I know for a fact that nursing cats can be treated for fleas. When Muffy's babies were 3 days old, I saw a flea on two of them. I immediately went to the vet and they gave me one of those topical treatments you put on their necks. I treated Muffy, and the kittens were cured. Not a flea since. They said it was perfectly safe, and I have to say it was because the kittens did fine. I'd never wait for the kittens to get weaned to treat for fleas. Just imagine the flea problem you'll have by then! I'd get a different vet opinion on this one for sure.

Also, $350 for a spay is just ludicrous! Compared to what I've heard from other board members, I actually live in an area with relatively high spay prices. Most vets around here charge $85 - $125 for a spay. Neuters are considerably cheaper. $350 is highway robbery! Call a bunch of vets in your area and get other prices. That will give you a good idea if your vet is trying to rob you.

Well, anyway, this is just my opinion, but I'd try a different vet.
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Oh thank you for your responses!! I knew I was getting taken to the cleaners on that one! And I knew that waiting to treat for fleas was bad news!!! This vet came HIGHLY recommended, but I am really wondering now. I think since she is all set for a while, I will look for another one for the next check ups! She actually is not due to go back there until next year for her yearly shots/check up.
Let me ask one more thing, I've seen a lot of flea rememdies in pet stores and at the grocery store. Do any of these work, or do I need to have one prescribed by the vet. I'd like to avoid that place at all costs right now ( no pun intended ), but I'd like to take care of hte flea problem asap. Thanks
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I'd not use the stuff at the store if I were you. I've actually heard of cats dying after being treated with Hartz products. I'd call a vet (a different one), explain the problem, and ask for some flea medication. That's what I did for Muffy. I didn't have to bring her in, and it only cost about $10. I'd do it soon too, because little kittens can get very, very sick from fleas.

Also, my vet recommended that I wait to spay Muffy till the kittens are weaned and given away or at least wait until the babies were 8 weeks old. That way they're eating food already and nursing isn't their only nourishment. My vet keeps spays overnight, and she didn't want the babies away from Muffy so long when they were still primarily nursing.
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Yeah, it sounds to me like this vet is a little off (but I think I said that before). Revolution is supposed to be safe for pregnant and lactating females, you may want to investigate that one if you are relly worried. However, if the vet saw "flea dirt" on her chin, it may not be flea dirt at all. It could be feline acne.
As for the weaning at 4 to 5 weeks thats insane. Just read all the posts about my kitten is sucking on my other cat or everything in the house. Its because they were weaned from thier mothers too early, so you may want to think again before taking them away from mom so early.
I would look into another vet for spaying. It usually runs anywhere from 40.00 to 160.00. If you are trying to save money, you can look into the programs spay USA or friends of animals, they usually send you certificates and a list of vets in the area that accept them.
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That is a ridiculous amount of money for spaying. The most I've paid is $100. I would get a second opinion. As for treating the mother for fleas, I had also heard that you shouldn't do so unless under a vets instuction because some of the products used to kill fleas can be harmful to the kittens. As for bathing the kittens to rid them of fleas, I was told by my vet that kittens shouldn't be bathed if less than 6 weeks unless it was absolutely neccesary. When I got my cat Wylie he was very sick and infested with fleas, although he was to young at the time and sickly the vet gave me some shampoo specially made for kittens with severe fleas. It only took 2 baths to rid him of them and we've had no problems since. She said I had to be very careful and dry him quickly and make sure he is warm. Wylie also had a viral upper respiratory infection, earmites so bad that his ears were infected, and worms. He was in bad shape and she was worried about giving him a bath because he was already sick but she feared the fleas would make it worse. So, if I were you I'd contact another vet and talk with them first maybe you can get some of that shampoo. I'm not sure what the name of it was, I can't remember but I know it was invented by a vet.
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about the price since I don't live in the USA it's difficult for me to give an opinion. My vet, here in Portugal, charges about 85$ for a spaying. And he is a great vet.

About the bald spot, I have never heard of tests that take 7 days! My vet takes some fur of the cat, put it under the microscope and he can actually see if it's ringworm or not, since the fur is actually changed from the ring worm. And there is also thisultraviolet test.

I'd say your vet is a crook not really caring about animals but more about his money. And that would leave me very wary of trusting my cats health to him. You should really try to find another vet.

About the fleas, sorry, I can't help there. About weaning the babies, 4, 5 weeks seems to me much too early!

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I will call my old vet today to get a second opinion on my visit yesterday. I stopped using them because its a pretty far ride from my house, and I had heard absolutely wonderful things about this vet. But the old one is going to be in charge again after yesterday's experience!!
The reason the ringworm test is going to take 7 days is becasue they decided to culture it because they didnt' see anything with the naked eye. She said she was 90% positive it was from the mites, but she was going to culture it for 7 days just to be sure. She did pull some hair and look at, so I will give her that.
The one thing that really bothers me is the fleas. I don't see ANYTHING at all on any of the kitties, and sunshine ( other than scratching her ear often ) doens't seem to be itchy. I almost doubt she has them at all, but the vet said she saw a flea "dropping". That is ONE FLEA DROPPING, it was about the size of a grain of rice and was black. She said it could've been that she had fleas before. Have you guys ever heard of a cat having flea droppings so far after she would have had the fleas. I am just paranoid I am going to find millions of fleas in my house and on the kittens. I'll just die. It grosses me out so bad......I think I'll go call that new vet right now Thanks again everyone, you all are wonderful!!!!!!
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Where exactly did he see the flea droppings?
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WOW! that is a lot of money for a spay. It dosent hurt to shop around. I did and had my two nuetered and spayed for half what the other was going to charge.
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Sandie, she saw the dropping, ONE, on the table where sunshine was being examined. I mean, if she had fleas wouldn't I see them?? In the house?? I am having a hard time believing she even has them. But on the other hand, I don't want the problem to get out of hand if there are fleas. What do you think??
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I think that if Sunshine had fleas, you would already seen them or the droppings. How long have you had Sunshine? 3 or 4 weeks? That's plenty of time to see Sunshine scratching, to see a flea on her and especially on the babies. Fleas love young kittens. If you haven't noticed anything, especially if you haven't seen any droppings where your cat sleep, I'll bet she doesn't have fleas.

What does everybody think?

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On the table???? Jeez....It could have been anything from a piece of dirt to a bit of food. Flea dirt is a little tiny black speck!! If she has fleas, you would really notice. Especially in the summer time. They lay egss and within a month you will usually even see them crawling on the cat. You would also notice grainy black stuff where they are laying, it kinda feels like little bits of sand. Man, what I wouldnt give to tell this vet to stop ripping people off and get a grip. I would just forget about what this vet said and just keep an eye open.
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I am not sure about the size of the flea drop; isn't size of rice big ?

"A very simple test for the presence of fleas is the 'comb out test' onto damp tissue paper. Place a layer of damp tissue paper twice the size of your cat on a table top. Put your cat on the tissue paper and comb all areas of the coat, especially the middle of the back, onto the tissue paper. Look for black/brown granules that absorb water and provide a russet brown ring around the granules. These are flea dirts and indicate an active flea presence".

I'll say the same thing about spaying; $350 is waaay expensive ! The most expensive we had was $150. They usually do bloodwork before spaying/neutering, use the more expensive gas isoflorane (which is also used for people) for anesthetics & monitor them during the operation (by giving fluids etc)..I don't know, maybe that vet does something extra, such as an extra test or something ??
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Ok, just had the cat checked by a friend who is a vet tech. NO FLEAS! Not even any evidence of any!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy am I relieved, and totally ticked off at the vet. They are going to get an ear full from me this afternoon. I feel like they ripped me off, not to mention probably did unnecessary things to my babies. Man, I am fuming!!!!
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Looks like they saw you coming! I'd be pissed too. The absolute most I paid to have my cat spayed was $125. And that was 7 years ago before I found out about low cost spay/neuter. I'd take the bill into the vet if I were you and talk to them. And I'd also complaint about the idiot vet who said you couldn't treat a pregnant female with Revolution and had to wean kittens at 4-5 weeks old. I'd ask to see his Vet license.

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I lived in Germany for a long time on a military installation. I had a sealpoint in 1995, and I think I paid something around $65 to have her spayed. And the normal "checkups" were like $25. When I was at this office yesterdayit was so shocking to me, I didn't even say anything. I just wrote a check for the total and walked out. It wasn't until I got home and really started thinking about it that I realized that this vet office's prices are just sky high. Everyone who lives near me ( I live on Cape Cod ) says they are wonderful there and they've never had a problem. I don't see how they can say that, I thought they were outrageous. And the vet was a *itch. I hate to say that, but listen to this: I had my 5 year old and we had to wait like 30 min. Anyway, when we finally got in the exam room my son was pretty bored and was swinging his arms just standing there. He hit my leg, and the vet says, "don't punch your mother boy, its not nice".....I almost slapped her. First of all, me and my husband are the ONLY ones who reprimand our children, secondly, who the hell is she to even say anything at all to a 5 year old that she met 10 sec earlier. I know this has nothing to do w/ her qualifications, but it just added to my anger. Ok, I am done venting on this post. Its a dead issue now.......its the last time my kitties will be seen there. End.
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