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Meet Mr. Salty

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"Oh, Salty. (vet thinks he's around 20 or so)

I didn't know what I was getting into when I agreed to have you in my home."

But here's what I got:
He has cataracts; blind in one eye and not too great in the other. Vision will likely be gone in the not-too-distant-future. Both eyes are weepy too. Bad teeth and gum infection. He has an antibiotic for that. He doesn't groom too much so he has a lot of clumps of hair, especially under his chin where food and medicine drips. He's anemic. He has arrythmia. His back had to be shaved because the mats there didn't allow him to arch his back. He has wet, mushy stools. He has 2 antibiotics for that. He's recovering from a good cut on his foot. He had an upper respiratory infection a few weeks ago, but I bet that's gone now. He's underweight. I think he's up to about 7 1/2 pounds now (and I think he's pretty large for a domestic shorthair).

He has a pretty good disposition and his condition has improved A LOT since he got here. My little kitty, Winkie, didn't like him much when he arrived, but she's cool with him now. Salty only drinks out of the bathtub faucet and Winkie taught him how to get to it without standing in the tub getting their feet wet. Winkie does have to be there to supervise each time though. Then she gets her drink from the bathroom sink. Winkie and Salty share food dishes, spots in the living room and litter boxes. Winkie loves to stalk and chase him. Charlotte, our other old lady, doesn't care for Salty one bit. She just barely tolerates the rest of us. Salty eats several times a day. I heat up his canned food (1/4 of a can at a time) and feed him with a fork. He can't get it out of the bowl when it gets stuck to the bottom of it. He also gets us up in the middle of the night, but those feedings have got to stop!

He's a sweet guy. He talks a lot. He follows me around the house all the time. Despite all the work and all the trips to the vet (and those bills!) he's pretty cool to have around. I think what makes it easiest is knowing that we are giving Salty the best years of his life, knowing that he won't be with us forever. There's a lot of love here; fork-feedings, brushings, playing with Winkie, warm beds, clean boxes, laughter and family. I have a feeling these are new experiences for him. Some day (way off in the future) he'll go to kitty-heaven knowing that someone loved him and cared for him. Isn't that what everyone needs?

I'd like to hear others' experiences with these or similar health problems with their kitties. I'd like to know what other kinds of things I can expect, too.

Thanks, friends. I love knowing that you are here!
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At his age, if he wants to eat in the middle of night, then my thought is let him, for he has not much time left on his clock. You might do good to order a book by Amy Shojai called Your Aging Cat, it will help you a lot to understand what you have gotten into by adopting such a senior cat.
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I have an elerly cat that requires extra care, also. I have had him since he was too young to be away from his mama. They can be a handful, but older cats are so loving, it is worth it. Welcome to TCS!
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How wonderful of you to adopt Salty in his golden years desiring to give him the love and affection he so craves and deserves. I'm glad he's fitting in so well in your home! Please keep us up to date about his progress. Have you checked out the Sharing Golden Memories Forum? It has lots of great tips!
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You've made a big difference in this cat's life - way to go! There are so many older cats and dogs that nobody is willing to adopt.
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You're doing a great service to him by taking him into your lives at his and his health problems. If he wants to be fed in the middle of the night let him. Thank you.

I too have a pair of senior kitties - Sphinx is guessed to be around 18 years or so and is the more senior of the two. He has a few halth problems related to age (arthritis, IBD, Heart murmur, allergies and borderline CRF) but is being managed at this time. Kuce is somewhere in the 10-15 year bracket with only a couple of health problems being managed (Feline Asthma, allergies).
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...and he is still being fed about 2:00 every morning! You guys are right -- it's time for someone to baby him for once. I'm a mother; it's what I do.

I checked out Amy Shojai's book and I'm reading as much as I can. Salty goes back to the vet soon. I can't wait to see how much weight he's gained. I'm hoping he's up to 8 pounds. His poops are looking better -- yeah!! He still manages to pee outside his box sometimes. I put some plastic down with a towel over it, but he somehow got it waaaaaaaay out. I'll try again.

I'll let everyone know how he does at the doctor. Keep your fingers crossed!

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