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HELP!! I have a new (OLD) cat with...

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...many health problems. But I have one big problem I'd like to solve soon. I also want to know if this has happened to anyone else. Salty is a very old male, neutered cat. He's probably pushing 20 years old. We just acquired him a few weeks ago and we don't know any specifics about his life before he came to us. Recently, I started noticing puddles of pee just outside two of the litter boxes. My boyfriend said Salty was trying to get it in there, but it just wasn't working right. I thought that was crazy, since nothing was dripped on the opening of the box and the puddles were several inches from the box. That's when I saw it!! He entered the box (head to the back) and lifted his tail. The pee just streamed out his behind all over the towel I had placed in front of it. I couldn't believe my eyes. First of all, why did it squirt out the back like that??? Second, what can I do about it? I mean, just how big of a litter box do I need? I have 3 boxes in the house (one for each cat), but he could presumably use any one he wants. HELP me please! My living room stinks! (That raises another good question: How do you get that smell out of the carpet?)

I'll post another thread introducing you to all that is Salty.
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I'd suspect:

1 a lazy cat [Not willing to squat]
2 an arthritic cat [Not able to squat]
3 a late neuter'd cat that still retained some marking behavior [Intentionally not squatting]

Does he squat or just lift his tail?

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[b]I have an older very big male cat, that does this, too. I went out and bought a storage bin and use this as a litter box. The size if the regular litter boxes are not as deep and are quite a lot smaller. (I also use the scoopable litter for multiple cats and cover the bottom of the container with arm and hammer garbage can deodorizer before I put the litter in it. The cats all seem to like the nice scent and it helps to cut down on odors).
I use oxyclean in my steam cleaner to get the urine smell out of the carpet. It seems to work great for me.
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It does appear as though he doesn't squat, but I'm not sure of the reason. I wondered if he was arthritic, but it wasn't indicated by either vet he was at recently. Should I ask if this is possible? Salty does seem to be uncomfortable in some positions. He rarely ever just sits. He usually only lays. Honestly, I don't usually watch him use the litter box, since I didn't know I had to. Believe me, I'll be paying closer attention now!

As for the box, I did consider using some other type of litter pan. However, I had originally placed his box in a place that I knew he would find easily. I can't imagine having a huge box with litter and what-not right here in the front room. There really isn't space anywhere for such a big thing. I may have to try something like this, but I will definitely have to move the box from where it is now! Moving the box can cause problems too, though, right? AAAaaargghh!

I'm keeping an open mind. Thanks for the ideas.
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I would go with either bladder problems and or joint problems. This senior cat should go to the vet pretty quickly if he hasn't already. Blood work should be done to find out how his internal organs are faring, and by a simple exam the vet will be able to tell if the cat is arthritic or not.
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He stayed at one hospital for five nights last month. They did every kind of blood test. The only thing that appeared abnormal indicated anemia and some kind of infection (which we've been treating aggressively.) He had an EKG and two X-rays. Then, when he came to live with us, I took him to our vet. He kept him for a day and did the blood tests again to see how the anemia was. It was still there. He did a fecal culture which turned up negative. He started on some vitamins and continued his baytril. He got a really good bath (his first in years, probably) and it turned out he had some skin condition, too. He went back for a re-check a week ago. More vitamins, more antibiotics, Panacur. Through all of this, would they have found arthritis? Or do you have to be looking for it specifically?

I definitely will do some more research on senior-aged cats. My "cat book" devotes all of a page and a half to this subject.

Can't wait to hear more!
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Also take a look at our Sharing Golden Moments Forum (now closed) but still open for viewing. It is all about senior cats.

Glad he has been to the vet

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I agree about the arthritis...at his age, he most likely has it. I was wondering, though...have you ever thought that maybe he used to be an indoor/outdoor cat? My older feral gets upset if I don't let him outside, and he doesn't squat outside. When the weather is bad, I refuse to let him out, and he breaks down and uses the litterbox, but also doesn't squat there, either. (That's one of the reasons I got the bigger box). Yes, if you don't have a place for it, it does stand out! What about a covered box?
I would call the vet you took him to and ask them if they thought he could have arthritis, and tell them about his not wanting to sit or squat. I don't know, do cats get degenerative hip disease, or dysplasia? I know dogs do.
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