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Black specks under chin?

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My calico, Georgia, who has a white chin, has little black patches scattered on it. Upon further inspection, I've found that they're composed of tiny little black specks. I've picked a couple out scratching her chin, and they don't appear to be fleas or other parasites.

I've combed the rest of her and her black shorthair sister Dixie's fur, and I get no flea dirt. I saw similar specks on my aunt's cat who is also partly white and indoor as well.

Is this just normal from cats getting their chins into things, or should I worry? (I used Advantage on them a couple months ago and they are indoor only cats.)
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Two Words...

Feline Acne

Using Plastic Bowls? Switch to Ceramic or Stainless


Edit: See Hissy's post below =^^=
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It is more than likely acne and not fleas. You can sponge it nightly with hydrogen peroxide and warm water mixed. If it persists, take the cat to the vet to get a topical creme. Also if you are feeding out of plastic bowls, throw the bowls away and use glass or metal. Make sure you wash the bowls every time the cat finishes eating.
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Thanks guys!

I didn't realize cats get acne. I am feeding from plastic bowls, so I'll remedy that and see if the problem disappears.

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You're welcome...

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Plastic tends to get finite cracks in the bowls and bacteria goes down into the cracks causing the acne. That coupled with the fact that most cats drag their chin through their food anyway can sometimes make a messy chin full of acne-
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Does anyone have a picture of these specks you are talking about? My mom's white cat has them too and the vet just said "oh don't worry thats just how she is" which seemed kind of weird to me. They are on her chin and bottom lip. I think mom uses metal bowls though.
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I don't have any pics of mine . But Snowball had it really bad , his lips were at times swollen . But after I have switched the bowels he had no more problems with that .
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It can just be little tiny specks when it first starts out

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This page has a good photo of moderate feline acne. Switching to ceramic bowls did the trick for my cats, too.

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Peedoodle used to have a problem with acne - so we switched to ceramic bowls and its so much better - he almost never has it anymore.

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Yes those pics are great to see how they look . Mozart had it also very bad and in the beginning I only scraped it away with my nails . Then I found out here on TCS what it is . I just have to say it : TCS is great
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ditto to everyone ! I think it's pretty common. A couple of my cats have had this and when I switched them the acne went away !
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