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Major Board Vibes Requested

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Someone once told me that your Guardian Angel can't grant you a wish for yourself but can grant you a wish to help someone else. So therefore I'm going to the angels :angel2: on this board for a friend of mine.

Her husband was just shipped to Iraq. Since 9/11, Jackie's husband Dan has been pulling a lot of duty protecting our bridges, tunnels and airports. (We're so close to NY I was able to see the smoke from my backyard) Jackie's been basically a single mom due to this. He was finally released from this duty about 6 months ago. A month ago he was told to get his affairs in order. He shipped out about a week ago.

I know you all pray for the troops. Can I ask that you include him?

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This is such a scary time over there, even more so than at the start of the war IMO. I will definitely add him to the prayer list.
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Consider it done. These are times when everyone over there and everyone over here who loves someone over there need all those prayers. I hope you find strength in something.
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I have prayed for so many people so far, I'll keep Jackie and Dan in my prayers also.
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I will pray for them too
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I will keep him in my thoughts. I know how this is, my close cousin is getting married and shortly after her fiance/then husband will be shipped out to Iraq, he was already there once, but was injured and had to come back to re-coop.
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will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.
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We , my church and I are praying for all the troops who are in that situation . I will lift up "Dan" personal in prayers

And let us not forget also the family's what is left behind waiting , they also need our prayers and suport .
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They are in my thoughts and prayers to.
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Keeping your friends and all of the troops and their families close to my heart...
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I will be praying for them!
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They'll be in my thoughts.
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Absolutely! I live less than a mile off Camp Lejuene, and am reminded daily of the brave men and women that need our prayers. I pray that all of them come home safely, and SOON!
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