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Sally and I had a long talk last nite and I think we have come to an agreement.

Bloodwork came back normal and she doesn't have anything that is contagious that Sam could get. I just spent half an hour on the phone with the vet that took care of Sally on Monday. I tried to give her her pill this morning and she fought it and ended up hooking her claw in that main blood vessel in my hand. She was wrapped in a towel and everything, but she got loose. The vet said to crush the pill in tuna juice and use a syringe to squirt it down her throat. Hopefully that will go better for her tomorrow. I think it was very traumatic for her and with her having breathing problems I do not want to get her upset. She was sitting on the other side of the bed from me giving me an awfully ticked off look. Now she is under the bed hissing at me everytime I talk to her so I decided it would be best to apologize a bit later.

I also asked about output since shes not giving up much of what she is eating in the litterbox and the vet said she is using all of her calories to breathe. She said if the antibiotics work she has a good chance of recovering, so I am holding on tight to that. She is just soooo skinny. I am going to try to get a picture of her on here soon.
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Poor kitty, just leave her be for awhile and let her decompress. Take care of that puncture wound! It will probably bruise, but at least get antibiotic on it to stop any bacterial infection (especially from an ill cat)

I wish we all could help, but now it is up to Sally and the meds to work. Don't stick your head under the bed to talk to her. Play some classical music softly in the room she is in, andkeep the room dark and quiet. If you have a large cardboard box, take it and flip it on its side and put some soft bedding in it, drape it with a dark blanket and leave it near the bed, so she can have a cave to rest in. Keep the light out as much as you can and just let her gather her reserves to see if she can kick this-

My thoughts are with you.
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I am pulling for Sally too!

They used to have something called Nutri-Cal that is a highly palatable and high caloric supplement that comes in a tube - do they still make that? It would get some energy/calories into her.
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Originally Posted by Talon
I am pulling for Sally too!

They used to have something called Nutri-Cal that is a highly palatable and high caloric supplement that comes in a tube - do they still make that? It would get some energy/calories into her.
Yes, they do still make this, it can be found in online stores, and I think Petco carries it. Another idea - A/D is a for-temporary use . high calorie, easy to eat (it's like a thick, meaty pudding) prescription canned food you can get from your vet. Most cats like it very much.

Re pilling your gal, a quick, less of a struggle way is to use a rubber-tipped pill gun (fun to co-ordinate, but basically wrap her if you have to, or just quickly scruff her, pop the rubber tip, loaded with the pill, into the corner of her mouth by pressing the tip against the back edge of her lips until she opens her mouth, depress the plunger and release her from the scruff. With practice, you can get a pill in this way in under a minute, so minimal fuss and struggling).

best wishes for her to have a quick recovery,
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I've only just seen this thread, how is Sally doing? Jeeps and I have our fingers/paws crossed, I hope she's feeling better.
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I will look into this food. I have to go to town later so I will stop by the pet store and see what they have as well.

My hand is already bruising and has a good sized bump where her claw went in (about 50 cent size) I washed it and put Bactine on it then Neosporin and bandaid. She moved from under the bed and into the cat carrier. I draped a towel over it and took the door off so she can get in and out. There is already a blanket in there so she seems comfy. It is sitting in my closet so its nice warm quiet and dark there. Sam came up to check it out and she whapped him a good one for invading her space...one of these days he will learn Its hard for her to find a quiet space, especially today because I have my two kids plus my nephew and neice. I ordered the kids to not run and make alot of noise..so far so good
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Poor little Sally! I am crossing my fingers for her and praying she'll get through all that, either you'll do! Please, let us know how is everything going with your kitty! Let us know if there is anything we could help you with!!!!!
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Poor little babe. I do hope she pulls through Abby. Am praying for her and you.
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Abby -

You're doing all you can for Sally. She was very sick, and she won't get better overnight. I know it's very hard for both of you, but just give the meds a chance and keep her where she is, if you can keep her in a separate room away from everything that would be great.

I wonder, if she's eating something, would you be able to crush and grind the pill and put it in her food? When I had to pill my cat, it was a dismal failure. I called the vet and asked if I could crush the pill and put it in her food (even with a URI and conjunctivitis she was eating like a piggy) and she said yes. It was much easier for me, I took the chicken's way out. Maybe Sally would eat some meat-based baby food? (Only meat, water, cornstarch for ingredients), it's supposed to be easier on the stomach, and it smells good.

I said a prayer for Sally so she just has to get better!

Jill and Candy

P.S. And I think you should think about getting your hand looked at. An infection could spread quickly, that's the last thing you need right now.
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Sally seems to be perking up some today. She has been moving around more and while her breathing is still short, she's not breathing as fast as she was..Hopefully she is slowing down because she is able to take deeper breaths of air in.

The pill in tuna juice went over like a lead balloon too. I have a new scratch to add to my collection on my hands. I wrapped her up in a towel tighter than I did yesterday got her to open and popped the pill down her throat first try this time. I'm getting pretty good at this now that there is only two pills left.

We are leaving to go to Tennessee tomorrow morning and will be back late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. My boyfriend has a race there(fingers crossed that he finishes decently--and doesn't run over anyone like last race ). My mom is coming over to check in on my babies and feed them and play and all that. I think Sally is on the way up now and I feel comfortable leaving her overnight since my mom will be checking in 3-4 times a day. My boyfriend assured me that if anything goes wrong with her while we are gone that we will come back ASAP. I pray that won't be necessary. My mom also said if she thinks Sally is doing worse that she will take her back to the vet herself. Again, I hope that will not be necessary.

Have a good weekend everyone and I will update you when I get back!

oh, and Sally hasn't thrown up anymore either!!
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That is great news. If you have an old pair of sneakers, put them on sockless and walk around in them as much as possible and get them nice and sweaty. Pop them into a zip lock bag and leave them with instructions to your mom to give Sally a shoe the day you leave, and the other one about 24 hours later. If she becomes stressed that you are away she could become sicker, so having your scent around to comfort her will help.
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Thanks Hissy,

Ive been running around in my old shoes today as it is so I will do that. I also saved the shirt I wore all day yesterday and planned to put that on the bed where she normally sleeps at. I'm sure I will be running the cell bill up calling and checking in on her, but it's worth it.
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Well sounds to me like Sally is a fighter & that will make give her a better chance at recovery. Someone mentioned baby food. It works wonders for a sick cat. When I want my boys to take a pill I crush the pill & mix it in some chicken baby food (Gerber, the number 2 jars) You would think I just fed them the best thing in the world. If you do it, make sure you get one that is just meet. A lot of the mixed ones have onion in them & onion is very bad for kittys. Also if dehydration is a concern you can mix in a little pidalyte (sp?) .
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I am so happy that your baby is doing better now . Lets hope she will recover all the way .
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So pleased to hear Sally is improving
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I am sooo happy for Sally and you and I hope she will de better and better from now on! Good luck to your boyfriend( is he racing real cars? I am just asking because one friend of mine is crazy about racing also, but cars he race on are not bigger then my kitten!!!!! )
Also, now I see one thing. When my boyfriend got home today he called me to work, ( I left like thousands messages on our answering mashine- PLEASE, call me and let me know how is our baby doin' all alone!), and told me that he found our kitty sleeping in my shoe!!!!! isn't that sweet? Now I know he loves me and miss every minute I am not home!!!!!
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Glad to hear Sally is feeling better
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Oh Abby I am sooo glad that Sally is doing better! That news made my day Have a great time out of town this weekend.
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Great News
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Abby, I've just now read through this post, I'm glad she is getting better...I thought she was when you posted she had started to fight getting her meds... that's how I know when my kitties are on the mend they start to really fight getting thier medicne!

I will be keeping Sally in my thoughts and hope that she continues to recover.
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Well, I am back and exhausted. I got home and Sally seemed to be breathing harder again. I gave her pill to her and she fought like crazy but we got it down. Today she has just been lying around breathing heavily again. My boyfriend wants to take her back to the vet Monday. Shes had the last of her medicine, and is still not back up to par. It got to be 80 degrees over the time while we were gone and the house was shut up so it was pretty stuffy this morning when we got home. I thought maybe she got hot and was panting, but she is still doing it now.
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This is just a thought, could she have asthma? I've never seen an attack in a cat so I don't know what it's like. I read with asthma they breathe with their mouths open. I think you should take her to the vet, especially since the meds ran out.

I sure hope she'll be okay, for her and for you.

Jill and Candy
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I wondered about asthma myself. My son has asthma and when he's having an attack his breathing is similar to hers. I will ask them about that tomorrow.
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Poor Sally she is having a bad time. Praying for her Abby
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Poor Sally, I hope she gets to feeling better soon!!!
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I hope all went well at the vets, how is Sally?
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Awww...Tammi, I hope everything is going to be ok with Sally soon! I am praying for her every day! And for you also- so you will have enough power to fight whatever will come next! Your poor baby really need you!
Hugs and kisses to you!
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Originally posted by iluvcandy
I read with asthma they breathe with their mouths open. I think you should take her to the vet, especially since the meds ran out.
My RB cat Midnight was diagnosed with asthma, and her main symptoms were that she did breathe with her mouth open if she exerted herself too much, was coughing several times a day and was more lethargic than usual due to breathing difficulties. When Midnight's asthma was diagnosed, the vet said that cats can develop allergies to common household items like dust, carpet deorderizers, etc and it can result in the cat having asthma/bronchitis symptoms.

To diagnose asthma the vet will need to take an x-ray of the cat's lungs and look for changes that indicate asthma. For cats with breathing problems, like asthma, predisone really does a lot to help make it easier for them to breathe, and the lowest dose possible is used as a maintenance dose.

Originally posted by Abby7625
My son has asthma and when he's having an attack his breathing is similar to hers. I will ask them about that tomorrow.
According to my vet, asthma in cats is similiar to asthma in humans.
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Well, I have good news!!

The xrays showed that whatever was on Sally's lungs is almost gone. She is still breathing a bit fast but today she was doing donuts on the bed playing with a toy mouse with her tail all poofed up. She is eating alot more now too. I bought $20 worth of the meat baby food which she sniffed at and awarded me with the "you don't expect me to eat that do you" look. Sam on the other hand can't get enough of it (like he doesn't weigh enough already--piggy boy) My sister is due to have her baby anytime so I will give it to her I guess.

The vet said he didn't think she has asthma because it would have showed in all the tests they ran last week. I was assured that her breathing should return to normal in a few weeks, however, she could be prone to infections for quite some time. And she gained half a pound so she weighs in at a little over 7 pounds now

I have a doctor's appointment today for my hand. On Friday it was starting to swell and its just gotten worse and is quite sore. Since we were in the middle of nowhere all weekend, there was no doctor around. I was talking to the paramedics during the race and they gave me some antibiotic cream which got me through the weekend.
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