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Will cats spray again?

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I have an area of my apartment where one of my cats who was not spayed when I got her, sprayed and peed all over. Just this one corner and that is the only spot. It doesn't smell unless you stick your nose right in it. This area was covered with a litter box and one of those plastic grass rug things. I just removed those to sort of air out that section of carpet. Is there a chance that my cats will go back to that spot and pee their anyways, even with the box removed, just to cover up the scent? Or will they think they can still go there because of the smell and the fact that the box used to be there?

Also I have tried using various carpet cleaners on this area. Is there something anyone can recommend to get the smell out of a larger area of the carpet. Were talking about maybe 10 seperate spots here. It only discolored the carpet ever so slightly so I am more worried about the smell.


Oh I was wondering if cats still spray after being altered? i heared their pee doesn't smell the same after altering and also that actual pee smells different then the spraying pee. I dunno, just curious...
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I would clean it with Nok-Out to break down the enzymes and get the area really clean.

You can order Nok-Out via the internet, here is a site that sells it

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I just tried Nok-Out for the first time this weekend. I had some old urine stains that I had treated with a variety of products. When the heat or airconditioning were on, I couldn't smell the old pee, but when we opened the windows and let in fresh air (along with humidity) the rug smelled again, despite being treated and shampooed many times.

The Nok-Out was amazing!!! I followed directions and first treated the spots with a mild baking soda and water mixture and then applied the Nok-Out the next day. Within minutes of applying the Nok-Out the odor was gone. The rug was a little musty smelling while it was wet, but once it dried, the smell was completely gone! Wow!!!! This is amazing stuff.

I strongly recommend ordering the Nok-Out -- it is well worth the expense!

p.s. I applied the Nok-out with a flower-watering can rather than the spray bottle because I wanted to make sure the rug was saturated with the treatment.
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