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I can't let them go

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Felix and Buttons are my own kitties but I am fostering Tara and Pebbles who are sisters. They are 1 year old at the end of this month and I have had them since November nearly half their life time. I have become so attached to them and the four of them get on so well I can't let them go, I'm going to keep them. Also I don't want their lives to be disrupted again they are part of my family now. I know people are needed to foster cats and I feel a bit guilty because I can't afford to foster more. Do you think I am being selfish to keep them?

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That is why I would have a hard time fostering. I'm sure that I'd want to keep each and every one of the little buggers that passed through. You should do what you feel is right in your heart.
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Thanks Cora, that means they stay with us.
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No you are not being selfish. So keep them, but don't agree to foster anymore. You get to attached and you can't let them go. If you stay in the foster program, soon you might have more than your bargained for.
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I know what its like. My four kittens whom we've had since August (they were a month old) have to go. We were supposed to take them to a farm last fall, but the lady got sick and was in the hospital and then the winter was too cold and now its just to much to have 7 full growen cats in a trailor. I'm already crying from missing them and they are still here!!
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aaw KitKatz my heart goes out to you. And I think Hissy is right in telling me to come off the foster programme or else I will have more than I can manage. I can just about manage to look after four the way they should be cared for, but I would be kidding myself if I had more. I admire you greatly for looking after 7. Please let me know how you go on.
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What a hard decision. I think you should keep them though because now of course you love them and they love you and they love each other. I would not do well as a foster Mommy either ... although I have a big house my husband is not so fond of cats and he would never let me foster either, because he knows I would keep as many as I could afford to feed. It's a good thing though that now all four have you and they are surely happy that they found a good home with a great Mom.
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No, you're not being selfish. It's very hard to let go of something you have been very attached to. I'm sure the kitties would rather want to be with you anyway! Good luck with them
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Thanks to everyone, I feel a lot better about my decision now.
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NOT're giving the kitties a good loving home, are you not? So, your priorities have to change to reflect the circumstances that you didn't that such a bad thing? You can't do everything. Enjoy the little loves and let others do the fostering who are in a better position to do so.
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Not selfish at all. If I had my way there would never be another hurt, unwanted, abused or homeless animal in the world because they would all be living in my house (and I would be dirt poor )
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I agree with Abby, I would have alot more too. We don't relocate our adoptables to foster care, so I we are the foster family,it's so hard to let go. I too would happily be dirt poor if it ment saving them all.
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CIlla, you definitely are not being selfish. I would have a lot more cats, too, if I had the space and the money. As Hissy said, you could have a whole lot more if you continue fostering. My uncle and aunt went from 2 house cats to over 20 because they took in a pregnant stray, and fell in love with her. That was ok, until another pregnant kitty came along, what's 4 cats, right? But they kept her kittens, too! And a few other strays. Is there some sort of stray cat network, that they know where to go? Anyway my aunt and uncle are both retired and have enough time and money to take care of the cats. It's an amazing thing, all those cats everywhere.
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I always thought I'd like to foster but I know that this would happen if I did. Animals are just too easy to get attached to. Just look at it this way, you saved two cats from an uncertain future and in addition got a couple of loving companions.
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NOT SELFISH!!! You are giving these two kitties a furrever home, what more could they ask for.
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Thanks everyone for saying all those things. I feel loads better for it and I feel so happy and excited that I have decided my little furrbabes stay right here. A family together.

You know what Brenda I have often thought how amazing it is that stray kitties know where to go. I wonder how! Have we got a secret signal we send out that we don't know about, or else is it that cats are so clever they can know what a person is all about straight away.
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No, not at all! All little kitties have their own personalities and you grow to love all of them. You're doing a good thing for yourself as well as your other two kitties - imagine how they'd feel if the other two were suddenly gone.
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