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A good deal

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I went to Zellers today to pick up some cheap Easter candy. They had Jelly Beans for 73 cents a bag so I picked up 6. I have a jelly bean guessing game for Jenn's bridal shower next month.

So with the rest of the stuff I was buying I went to the check out and paid for my stuff. In the car I looked at the bill to see the cashier only charged me for 1 bag of Jelly Beans and not all all for the Cream eggs. So I think I got a pretty good deal. 6 bags of jelly beans for 73 cents.
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Talk about a great after Easter sale! Good for you!
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Have a good time next month! Love your pictures of Emmett, what a sweetie. Also the French Legend and if anyone knew where that path was it must be our kitties.
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LOL! Yay!
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That's not a good deal, taht's a SWEET deal! LOL!
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Hehe, good deal. Btw, you're own of my fav cats here on tcs! I love Jeepers, Kanga, and Emmett the best! (In no particular order, :P)
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Wow thanks for all the compliments on Emmett. I'll let him know, I'm sure it will go straight to his little furry head

Yup and its only took 3 bags of Jelly Beans to fill the container, so that leaves 3 extra sitting around and tempting me....actually I'm not a big Jelly Bean fan, I put them in my mom's reach since she likes them so much.....
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oooohhhhhh Jelly Beans! They are my favorite. I just bought a 5 lb. bag of Jelly Belly's at Costco for $12.99, I thought that was a pretty good deal since Jelly Belly's are always so expensive. The problem is that I like to eat more than one bean at a time. I try to eat the same flavors, since especially with Jelly Belly's if you mixed, say a buttered popcorn with a margarita flavor you would have one nasty taste in your mouth, and with the big bag it is such a pain to sift through and match flavors!

Sounds like you got a great deal! I need to go checkout the after Easter candy sales.
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Yeah. The jelly bellys I love! Those I don't buy or I'd eat them all in a flash!
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Did somebody say Jelly Belly?? I love Jelly Belly's...they're so addictive though and it doesn't take me long to finish off a bag!
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