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Elderly Cat Question

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My Susie is 19 years old and while she still eats well and has no potty problems, she often wanders a short distance away from her bed and stands stareing at a wall and HOWLS. Once she realizes I or my husband is in the room she stops and goes back to her bed. We have other felines who basically ignore her, although the kittens like to lay on her bed near her. Susie is deaf and has been for years, I am wondering if that is adding to her confusion. Any ideas? She is so old and doesn't appear to have any problems or be in any pain, and going to the vet would probably be so upsetting to her, I do not want to go unless she really needs to.
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Hi Cheryl,

Roo does this, she will be 15 years old at the end of next month.

And our cat Morgan who lived to be 21 years old did it as well.

I always assumed they howl like that because they don't want to be alone, so with Roo I always call out to her when she does it to let her know I am around and she quiets down.
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My cat Peppy, who was 18 when she died, did this during her last year of life. I have read that this is a sign of dementia, but I think it was simply that she would get lonely and a little confused and would yowl to get someone to come remind her that she was loved.
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Thanks for your quick reply. If I am in the room with Susie I always walk over and get her attention (& give attention), she is deaf and I can not just call out to her (even though I do anyway). Thanks again.
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Cheryl you might try burning a night light in a low-lying socket so she can identify easily the room she is in-

Also take a look at our guest hosted forum (now closed) regarding senior cats

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We do leave the stove hood light burning all the time. Susie sleeps on a cushion at the base of the fridge where warm air gently blows out. We tried a mirror at the wall where she stands and howls, thinking she would realize she isn't alone, but it only stopped for alittle while and she eventually started back with the yowling. I brush her every night before bed (she doesn't groom herself anymore) and I show her extra attention, but bless her, she still seems confused at times. She isn't alone in the house, we have 6 other cats and kittens in that part of the house with her!
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You may want to get some feliway. That may calm her nerves some.
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Where do I get Feliway? I looked online, but only got a couple of sites for Bengal cats and I am unable to get any ordering information through CatSite.com. Where oh where?
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Try eBay. They usually have it the cheapest. Petco or Petsmart will have it also.
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