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how can you really tell your cat that you love him, and that you care so much for him ? I pamper and spoil him when ever I can. I play with him and give him lots of attention but I just want to know that Iam getting thru to him.
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I read not so long ago, in a cat magazine, that to transfer your feelings to your cat you wait until he is sat down, and then look at him/her and think of how much you love him/her and the feelings are felt by the cat. It went even further and said that wait for the feelings to come back. I have never tried it, but I do think your kitties automatically know when they are loved, or why would they purr so much when they on your lap and hold their head with half closed eyes in pleasure? Of course there is the old one of just telling kittie how much you love them. They know I am sure.
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One thing that bonds my cats to me quickly is while they eat, I sit nearby and talk to them. Kittens always had company when they were nursing, with their littermates and their mom. Continuing that during their lives, helps a lot in the bonding and trust department. I sit on the floor next to them and just speak to each of them.

But cats know when you love them, and all they want is for you to provide for them so they don't have to stress out about their life.
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I read in a book on cats that when they look at you with sleepy, blinking eyes that it's their way of saying how happy and content they are?!.

Like Hissy, i speak to Rosie in a soft voice, and when she looks at me, sure enough she blinks her eyes slowly and i do it back to her!.
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