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Willow has always hated having her toes touched, and i always though it was just a matter of her being touchy about having her feet handled. But for cats who hate having their feet touched, do they normally growl, "warble" (aka. Turkey Gobble), and hiss? Buffy isn't fond of having her feet handled, but she just lifts them really high and tries to jump away. Willow tries kicking us with her back feet, or if we're touching her back feet, she starts kicking with all four and then tries to bite our hand. I looked today, after having had handled Buffy's feet last night (clipping the nails), and now a thought of Willow having deformed feet might be the problem. The top of her feet, where the toes kind of go up in a peak, is extra "peaky." Like, it's really sharp, and when I touch it, Willow spazzes out. I tried parting the hair to see what it looks like (its hard to see, since she's a longhair and the feet are really furry), but she started kicking and hissing. Normally, she doesn't extract her nails too much. When we check, we can only see the points of the nails, but when she's kneading, you can see that they're very long.

So, is there a possibility that the toes are deformed, or at least causing her pain? Or is she simply over-exagerating over having her feet handled? I want to check her out with the vet, but unless she's bleeding and not stopping, my parents are sketchy about going to the vet. It took like 4 years just to get Jake a checkup (which we were supposed to set an appointment for 2 weeks ago and still haven't done