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The Apprentice

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I haven't quite figured out the new seach engine yet, so I can't call up the existing thread, but anyone want to comment on how devious Omorosa was with that phone call she got at dinner? Mike and I wonder if maybe she was supposed to sabotage the event?
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I think she just completely proved herself a liar! I cannot believe what she did. I used to think maybe creative editing was making her out to be the bad guy, but I've since changed my opinion!!
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I couldn't tell if that was a set up either, so Trump can get on Kwame for
not standing up to her. He should have said something to her. I do wonder how much of these event set ups they are really doing. I mean an event like that takes months to years to plan.

You know I was loving this show but they kind of lost me last week. When they got Aimee to say she would fire Nic it was cruel and showed how cruel that corporate life is. I mean I think the winner will be a loser in a way. It might be better to get second for your future. Plus Trump cut off his colleague so quickly, was so obnoxious.

Well I am curious how it ends up so will watch but not as interested as before.
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Ommarosa is such a *&%$@! I can't stand her. I think she is trying to sabotage the whole thing. I think Bill will end up winning too.
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I would like her a lot better if she were a plant..otherwise I see her as the worst kind of person. Male or female, I can't stand folks who act like they are the be-all and end-all, are arogant, but really don't produce anything except complaints, whines or lies.

Gee...I guess that leaves nothing to your imagination as to what I think of this woman!

ps I think Bill will win, but Kwame will do well in any case, he's a very fine person with a lot of skills.
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I HATE Omarosa! Why they ever brought her back is anyone's guess. Amie said on the tonight show that Kwame should have fired her, but I know on the show, he said he would, but he didn't think he had the power to do so, and actually I wasn't aware if he could or couldn't either! There was NO reason why she had to keep the phone call from everyone at dinner thay ALL asked! It just proves she's a pure biocth....I think she is purely jealous that Kwame made it to the final two and not her since she "claims" everyone was racist against her....hmmm kind of makes her a liar........
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On another note, I just thought of a drinking game: While watching a
Reality show, take a drink every time someones says the word "Journey".
You will be drunk by the first commercial!
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I just have no idea what that has to do with The Apprentice
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Did you see her on Oprah the other day still going on about Katrina calling her the "N" word? Get over it, it wasn't said.

I agree what she did about the phone call was wrong. They should beat her with a stick and put us out of our misery.
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Oh I meant you know how like on these reality shows everyone talks about the "journey" they are on. I mean EVERYONE says that, on the bachelor, survivor and Kwame said that on the Apprentice. They are all on this "journey" they say. I hear it all the time. And remember how there used to have a drinking game when watching "The Bob Newhart Show" (or am I the only one old enough to remember that...) where you take a drink whenever they say "Hi Bob!"...? I remember, we did it once.
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Ahh okay- yeah they talk about the journey and the path all the time....

I still wonder about Kwamie's statement that he didn't have the power to fire omarosa. He is the boss he should have fired her! Now they have to find the missing concert star...should be interesting.
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Maybe he was thinking in the context of the game he couldn't fire her. But still the fact he didn't try or at least confront her is a real strike against him.
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2 notes to post about the Apprentice.

#1) I heard a report on the radio about Amorosa...remember how she was talking about how important she is in DC?? WELL! They interviewed a few of her co-workers down there. She's been fired from every job she had in DC. No one wants to work with her!

#2) KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has offered the Runner-Up a job with them running the corporation for 5 days. He will experience everything the CEO experiences. His paycheck at the end of 5 days, $25,000

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love love love this show!

I don't think I've ever disliked anyone as much as Omarosa or Assorama as she is so affectionately known on other site I visit. She is the devil
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I don't really know what to think of it...I think sometimes she is just purely evil...and other times as what had happened the other night...I think that phone stunt is to throw Kahme off balance...the old team is there to help them, but I think some of were hired to sabotage both teams...it gives it a little more interesting point to the plot...I can't wait to find out what happens on Thursday!

About Omarosa's co-workers "claiming" she was fired...do we have proof of this? Or is it just a bunch of peeps remarks since they despise her too?
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i can't believe omarosa would sabotage the group like that, she's probably just bitter that she got fired. i can't wait to see the finale, i think that bill might win, but i'm not sure.
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What I thought was so funny/ironic about the whole Omarosa screwing up the flights thing is that at the beginning of that part (the 2nd half of the show) she says to Kwame something like "We have to make you shine, baby" and he was like believing her and everything. And I was thinking yeah right, you couldn't make spit shine. I really dislike her too, and I don't care what the "rules" were if she had done to me what she did to Kwame, I would have flat out fired her on the spot. I was surprised Troy didn't pull Kwame aside and say "fire her!" Any way ... maybe she will get fired on Thursday? We can hope at least. I read somewhere that said she was a plant and that actually she worked for Trump and that her being like that was all just a set up to get ratings ... if so it worked. Oh yeah and just for the record I think Bill will win too.
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I don't watch the show, but my mom does, and she went nuts lol
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Omorosa is quite a piece of work, isn't she? I believe that she and others are trying to sabotage certain aspects of the game for Kwame and Bill. Trump wants to make it tough on them and see whether they sweat it out or take charge even through a crisis.

It's great entertainment and I can't wait for this week's episode!
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I hope Kwame wins! I still can't get over the signing of autographs in one of the earlier episodes! C'mon get your Kwame Jackson autographs here! Kwame Jackson....LOL!!!!!!!!!
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Heard some more gossip about the contestants. Seems Trump offered AMY a job in his organization! She hasn't accepted it yet. Smart girl! For a job this big, you always make them wait a day before accepting. Then you negotiate!
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I had to bump this up and just say that I was so excited that Bill won last night! And even on live TV Omarosa looked like a witch with a B. Can't wait till the next show starts in the Fall.

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Trump even called her a liar to her face, and all she did was smile and start to talk. I loved it when he cut her off- she looked so stunned! Had Kwayme stepped up and fired her, he would sit in Bill's seat right now. And Sam's move? LOL That was pretty ballsy of him, but then he is a bit off-center anyway.

Loved the whole show, and glad that Carolyn won in a sense because she was telling both the men that Bill was the better choice. I heard that Jessie is going toe-to-toe with Trump because she wants to open up a new clothing line called "Your Fired!" But surprise surprise Trump already has applied for the copyright of those words. LOL
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I think Kwame should have won...never did I think Bill was right for the position...he never stood out in my eyes...but Congrats to him! Kwame said he didn't know it was an option to fire Omarosa, that's why he didn't do it. It was a big mistake for him to hire her...now he is facing the consquence. But...look at the job options he can choose from now! I think the money Sam gave Trump was Trump's anyway...just another rigged up thing in the show to get viewer's attention...that's what it looked like to me atleast. Regarding Omarosa, WOW! NOW, I am 100% sure she is a true nightmare! HAHA! Poor, poor Kwame...can't wait for next season to start!
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I can't stand Omarosa either!!!! I certainly didn't stand her when she was constantly bickering about everything and everyone, trying to make it seem like everyone was against her because of her skin color. Whatever, she had no friendly personality in her bone whatsoever and I'm glad she's getting sued for lying about Katrina ? supposed 'n' word which I didn't see at all, but maybe it happened off camera, who knows, either way, the 'n' word ending with ardly means ignorant and that is what she was acting like, an ignorant fool. Can't even represent us sisters properly LOL!

I'm glad that it ended though finally, Kwame had great ideas but he was not a leader type, he could have fired omarosa but didn't have the balls to go up against her or diss her about her 'phone' sabotage. I don't know if the 2nd one will have as much viewing as the first one. Hmmmm...
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No it actually happened on camera, and was a blantant lie on Omarosa's part. They were in the plane after going out for the award they won, and Katarina and her were arguing. Omarosa slammed Kat and Kat said, "Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black?" Omarosa then insisted to all within earshot that Kat had called her the n word! N for nutcase maybe! That was the lie that the donald was talking about- plus it was all on camera.
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I'm so glad Bill won. Even if I didn't know I could fire Omarossa, I would have told her to go to her room, sit there and that I didn't want to see her face again. Imagine not answering your phone when your boss is calling you. I liked the way Bill handled things and so he was a asking them a few times if they did their job - there was a lot riding on his mission going smoothly. I think I would have micromanaged in that situation too.
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It wasn't Katrina...it was Erika that Omarosa accused of using the "n" word. It's okay....I confused the two too whenthey were both on, they have very similar personalities. I do not blame her for suing Omarosa because that is slander especially on national TV! In my heart I knew Bill would win, but I also wanted to see Kwame be a little more assertive with Omarosa...she's the reason for his loss. Oh well, Kwame will probably get lots of job offers now, and I heard the runner up gets to play CEO for KFC for 5 days for $25,000, so he will move on...
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Oops......... They both bad mouth her equally so I got confused. Thanks for the correction-
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I came across this article Reality's Apprentice written by the man that lived beneath one of the apartments used in the apartment rennovation and rental challenge. While his insights were not totally surprising it still made me question just how "real" this reality show was. I suppose the truth isn't as sensational as fiction but I thought part of the allure of reality tv was supposed to be it's focus on real people in real situations. I guess I was wrong, once again
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