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Daily Thread for Sunday-

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First Monday of the school holidays! Woohoo. Going to have another lazy day today , but I'm going round to Nanas later to do my cleaning and to help her with this court case(She's an expert witness)

Hope everyones having a nice day!
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Holy moly things have changed here! I love the new look! goodness, ya go away for a day or two and poof, things become different!
I'm not complaining though, I love the new look! I was just surpirsed whenI get home from work and plop down on the puter all set and ready to surf the cat site, and BAM! some little imp changed it . is it just me though? is my computer playing tricks on me??? what the heck???
oh well, anyway hope everyone is having a great Easter! Mine is quiet as honey is disc golfing and I have no other family here. The cats are out on the porch again today enjoying what's left of the day. and of course I'm here! LOL!
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It's already Easter Monday here. We both have off, and I'm planning on sleeping late and then cooking a leg of lamb (we eat meat occasionally). I have the week off, but that only means that I don't have to go to school - I have a lot of preparation to do, and definitely have to clean up my desk! JC loves it when I don't have to get up early for work - he loves to cuddle in the morning, clean my ears, get his belly rubbed, etc.. He's already in bed with my husband - the result of an "overdose" of hardboiled eggs today. I hate to think what two eggs (one fed him, and the other stolen) can do to his arteries, but figure that once a year he should be allowed to really splurge.
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Wow what happened to TCS? I like it though!
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Kind of gave me a shock, at 5:00 a.m.

We did the usual Sunday stuff: laundry, grocery shopping and laying around. I have a small ham in the oven, with au gratin potatoes, to go with it.

Bill's friend, Paulie, stopped by and was loved on, by Rowdy and Buddy. Opie merely strolled through and allowed hinself to be admired.
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It gave me quite a shock, too! I'm still getting used to it! Definitely quite a change!
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Wow this is kinda weird, it will take some getting used to. Hmm, no smilies on the side? Today we had our Easter, just went to the grandparents house and had dinner, nothing fun. Now we are just going to sit at home and rest.

Oh ok, you gotta click "go advanced" to see all the smilies and regular stuff.
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