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Mike's sister

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A few days ago, Mike's sister was rushed to the hospital because she couldn't breathe. When she arrived she was unconscious and they immediately put her on a respirator. She has been in CCU since, and until last night was in a narcotics induced coma. She has double pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema, pleurisy, heart damage and major lung damage. Last night they decided to bring her out of the coma to see how she would do and she had two grand mal seizures this morning. They are going to do a brain scan on her later today to find out why.

The doctor said that everything wrong with her stems from one fact, or one source, she has been a smoker her entire life. She is 68 years old. Please if you are smoking now, or considering starting, please don't. She was told years ago to stop smoking and never did. Now she is paying for that decision in ways no one would have ever imagined. It just can't be worth it---
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I am so sorry about Mike's sister. I have never been a smoker and never will be. She is in my thoughts as well as you and Mike.
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I'm so sorry about Francine. She and Mike and you are all in my thoughts....
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I'm so sorry to hear about Mikes sister, She's definitly in my thoughts along with you and Mike.
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Hello MA My thoughts are with Mike and Francine at this difficult time.... She is definitely in my prayers.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Mikes sister, I hope everyting turns out ok... :angel2:
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MA, Francine, you and Mike are in my thoughts. I hope she pulls through as, even though all this is because of her smoking, no-one deserves to go through what she's going through at the moment.
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i am praying for mikes sister...
may gods hand be in it...
let us know how she does..
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I am so sorry to hear about the news. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Everyone in my family smoked except my mom. I can remember waking up to the smell of cigarette smoke from my Dad smoking inside the house . I have never picked up a cigarette and never will. My grandfather developed lung cancer, he survived but it was a rough fight. I believe it is very hard to stop smoking, people truly don't deserve the pain that it brings, but I think it is inevitable. If we can just teach everyone not to start in the first place....
I also think alot of people have the "it won't happen to me" attitude. (like my smoking boyfriend )
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When I grew up, everyone smoked. The Camel was cool, the Marlboro Man was to die for. Teachers smoked, I had friends in high school who used to go behind the bleachers and light one up. Movie stars smoked, the campaign had saturated society. My parents, thankfully never smoked. Dad is 89 and going strong, mother is 86 and other than a slight heart problem she is still with us. Both my grandparents smoked, both had that habit claim their lives.

Frances is now semi-conscious and off the respirator. But she is not out of the woods yet. Time will tell what is going to happen, all we can do is wait and see.
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Hissy, I am really sorry to hear this...I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers...and you and Mike hang in's a rollercoaster dealing with this. My mom lost her 2nd husband due to him smoking his whole life...I was 8 when he died...but it scared me away from smoking!
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I'm so sorry to hear your bad news. I hope Frances' pulls through okay. ((((HUGS))))
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Oh my! What a horrible thing! I know that smoking is a terrible addiction. I never smoked but my parents did. Luckily they quit about 15 years ago. I hope it was in time.

I'm sending some good vibes to Mike's sister.
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Mary Anne - I'm so sorry to hear of this tragedy in your family. I wish you all much strength to get through it.

Smoking is a foul poison. From a 20-a-day habit I stopped outright when I found out I was pregnant in Dec 2002. I haven't touched a cigarette since and never again intend to. The very smell of it makes me retch - never mind inflicting it on my baby boy.

I too would urge EVERYONE to stop . . . it is not too difficult if you want to do it and it really, really make all the difference in the world.

I do wish with all my heart your sister-in-law makes as full a recovery as possible.
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I am glad to hear that she is off the respirator. Hopefully that means that she will pull through this crisis.
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Oh MA, I'm SO sorry to hear this!!!!!!!!! Being off the respirator is good news, but this is really scary. Sending up prayers for her!!!!
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Oh MA I am really sorry about Mike's sister.

I finally was able to convince my mom to quit smoking after 20 years just in the past few months, and I am so glad. But also very worried for all the damage that may have already been done. It is a horrible addiction, and I am glad I never picked up the habit.
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I'm so sorry, I wish her healing and health. I lost one of my uncles to smoking related lung problems
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Sending prayers to Mike and his family (Esp. his sister).

I never picked up smoking but I lost a relative to its influence. Please stop if you are smoking.
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Just doing a bit of catching up -- sorry to hear this news, MA. Lotsa vibes and prayers for Mike's sister, and for you two as well. A tough time for everyone. I hope things improve soon.
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Thats so sad because to me 68 still is not old.

I've never smoked . My mother and my brother both had mouth cancer and my brother stopped, but i thought after seeing my mother go through it first it would have sent alarm bells ringing with all the smokers in my family?!.

She's in my thoughts at this anxious time though.
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