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excessive vomiting

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I have a 10 year old "garden variety" alley cat -- she's been vomiting quite a bit lately. It's nothing for her to vomit 5-6 times a day, sometimes more. This morning alone, between 7-9 a.m. she vomited 5 times. Sometimes it's clear and thick, like mucous -- other times it's partially digested cat food. She's lost weight, her hair is falling out, and she's been very, very restless. Just recently she's been begging for food and has even tore out the garbage can and we've caught her licking off dirty dishes in the sink. There are days when she barely touches her own food, then other days, she eats all her food and our other cat's food, as well. I never see her drinking from her water dish anymore.

I've been trying to call the vet for 2 weeks, I can't reach him. He only has hours by appointment and doesn't return my calls. I can't get another vet to see my cat because they want her records from her current vet.

Does anyone here have any ideas what could be causing this or what I can do to stop it?
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Your cat should really see a vet. Because of the age blood work should be done among other tests. I would just take your cat in to a feline vet only and not worry about her past records. If your vet doesn't return your calls, that doesn't speak very highly of his or her type of care imo.

She sounds like she has a myriad of problems that need to be addressed by a good professional.
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Thanks for the quick reply Hissy.

We finally got her in to the vet. He says she has cancer and her kidneys are failing.

He's not going to put her down right now. As long as she isn't in obvious discomfort or getting malnourished, he said we should be able to let her die at home.
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