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Comet's miracle

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Just have to post this for anyone who thinks a cat is a hopeless case. The cat we named Comet was spotted outside in January on a minus 40 degree day. A trap was set up, but it took a week to catch him. When we saw him close up, our hearts sank. Not only was he totally feral, but he was very sick and injured. Off to the vet, but we had no idea what to do with this cat later on.
At first we thought we could find him a barn home, but after we heard that he had the worst case of rhino the vet had ever seen, earmites so bad that his eardrum was punctured and that he was at least 5 yrs old, we knew he could not go into a barn. Euthanasia was mentioned, but I couldn't bear to think of his long struggle and misery ending in death.

While he was anesthetized for his neuter and ear cleaning, he died on the table but was revived. That news - of his great will to live although battered, sick and bloodied - made us determined that he WOULD live, but where?

We put out a plea far and wide for him. Several people did respond, but when they heard all the details they backed away, understandably. Then the right person answered. She knew he was feral and that his rhino was probably chronic, but did not care! Off he went to his new home (after spending a month at the vet) with a bag full of meds. He is doing fine and taming nicely and enjoying his newfound life of riches with an incredibly kind and patient woman.

It's stories like this that make all the heartbreak worthwhile!

This is the pic that overwhelmed his new owner with pity and made her determined to save him.
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Oh, he is beautiful, and what a will to live!! It takes a very special person to take in a Comet, and obviously he has found his angel. :angel2:
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OMG , what a story . Bless you and the woman who took him in and has given him a new change in life . I am so happy for him while I am still in tears over how sick he was . Thank you for sharing his wonderful story .
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Oh my I love happy endings!!!!
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Great story!!

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Wow. That is so amazing. He is lucky to have found such a big-hearted human friend.
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