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how manny kittens

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Is there a way to tell how manny kittens my cat is going to have?:
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The only sure way to know is if you take her to the vet and let them give only one x-ray. I don't suggest x-rays but I've had to have 2 of my cats x-rayed as we didn't know if there was a problem. Just sit tight and keep you vet on alert for the arrivals.

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Griffin, try and keep everything in one post. You will get many more responses that way.
As for the food. Any cat should be on a good quality diet every day. If a cat is pregnant they should be eating kitten food and canned kitten food if they tolerate it well.
The queening box should be at least 3ft by 2ft for a small cat. A lot of breeders I know buy a tokeo cage for moms and thier kittens. You just want to make sure mom can get in and out and the kittens cant scoot off somewhere.
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