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What did YOUR cat do all day?

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I was quite blessed recently to find that one of my all time favorites is once again available on the internet.

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tee hee, (mine did barf a furr ball though!)
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LOL! That is Peedoodle, for sure. Kahu, on the other hand spends his time playing with the toys, getting them out of the toybox and runs around. He is still a kitten
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Felix played with his toys then put them in the water and cried for me to sort it all out. Then he had a nap on my lap.
Buttons followed me about, ran up the curtains, tried to eat my tea and pushed Tara off my lap.
Tara looked out of the window and snarled at a tortie, slept in her igloo for ages and then ran up and down the stairs.
Pebbles looked on at all the happenings, opened all the doors that were closed and made herself sick because she swallowed some cardboard.
All of them had an all in wrestling match which I think is hilarious. Tara has not had her dance today.
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I hadn't seen that- I love it!
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Buddy tried to convince me that he was starving. After he had his breakfast, he went back to bed. Later, he sat at the back door and had a stare-down with Pearl. Bill's friend, Paulie, stopped by and Buddy rubbed Paulie's legs.

Opie spent the morning, lying in a sunbeam, followed by hanging out, at the front door. He has also supervised Bill baking a cherry cobbler.

Rowdy has been into everything. She showed off, for Paulie and jumped onto his lap. She, too helped Bill bake. Rowdy and Buddy "helped" me scoop litter boxes.
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I call it a full day!

Sammy slept until about 10, then wanted out. Played in the grass, romping. Then came in, followed me around the house as i did chores, slept a little more, asked for lunch-got it. Is napping more. He gives good nap let me tell ya!
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Patches and Tiger guarded the apartment while me and the roomie was away at church and over a friends house for Easter lunch.
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JC should have been quite happy, since he got a hardboiled egg for breakfast. He apparently slept while we were at my in-laws', but as soon as we got home he wanted a long walk, and then tried to figure out how to get a second hardboiled egg. He kept circling the table with the Easter basket and mewing, but when that didn't work he shifted to harder tactics. That meant: 1) sitting on the table next to the basket, making big eyes and looking adorable, 2) "angling" an egg out of the basket with his paws (which took quite a while), 3) playing with the egg on the table, 4) "accidentally" pushing the egg off the table, 5) being disappointed that the shell only cracked, 6) batting the egg around the floor, against chair legs, etc., until he could get at the contents, and 7) yowling for mommy or daddy to come peel the egg properly so that he wouldn't have to eat pieces of shell. All this while we were trying to watch "Bridget Jones' Diary", and pretending not to notice what he was up to, since this is an annual Easter ritual. At the moment he is curled up in bed with his daddy, sleeping off his "cholesteral overdose", and the eggs are in the fridge, so that we don't have an Easter Monday repeat.
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now let's see.... meow meow went out onto the corridor for a walk.. LONG one.. came in and sat in her basket... looked at us before falling asleep... woke up when we walked into the room.. meowed for food... played with her birthday toy and then went to hide underneath the bed to sleep.... as for boy boy.. all the while, he just slept in his own basket.....
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