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Freaky Reversed song..

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This is "Stairway to Heaven" Lyrics by Led zeppelin normal, and reversed. This is real, I tried it myself. *Note* May not be suitable for people with high beliefs, or very weak hearts.
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Yeah, yeah...the whole back-masking thing goes back decades (obviously, since Zeppelin was around in the early 70s). All I can say is that you hear what you want to hear. If you are listening for some satanic message, play just about any song backwards and I'm sure you will hear something. Without the "lyrics" of what it was supposed to say backwards, I heard gibberish. The power of suggestion is strong, once I had the lyrics on the screen, sure I could hear it.

Why is it that no one ever finds back-masking that says anything besides satanic messages?? LOL You would think that Venom or Slayer would have "Praise God!" in their songs. (Or maybe that's just my sick sense of humor coming out....)
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That is funny!! What will they think up next...

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I think it's really stupid that they would sue anybody for doing that. They sued Metallica for that kind of stuff. I agree with Aquarius, what WILL they think of next? But, i think it's all really freaky. I could hear what he said, without the lyrics, but I bet playing any song that would happen. It even happens in twinkle twinkle little star. Say "How I wonder what you are", reverse it, and you'll get "I wish there were no Allah"
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oh, oh don't forget the name Natasha. Flip it around and you get Ah Satan.

There was this site that flipped not just music clips but everything, including one small step for man one giant leap for mankind phrase and 'discovered' all sorts of 'underlying' meaning. Perphas if you did a search for it since I cannot remember which site it is. One of those conspiracy type wierd but still funny pages.
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Heidi, I think this actually goes back to when the Beatles were around in the 60's. I have heard the lyrics to some of the older Beatle songs played backwards and it was even freakier because you could heard whole words and sentences a lot more clearly than in "Stairway to Heaven." When I was listening to the reverse lyrics for Led zeppelin just now, I couldn't really heard any actual words, but I did hear something that sounded like the word Satan several times.
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Who can forget, "Paul is dead. Paul is dead."? And all the supposed 'clues' on the Abbey Road album? The biggest joke is that McCartney has a good shot at being the LAST surviving Beatle.
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Originally Posted by bumpy
oh, oh don't forget the name Natasha. Flip it around and you get Ah Satan.
My name is Nattasha! I have never noticed that! Freaky...
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I think all this stuff is very interesting. I don't believe it, but I think it's interesting. So, if you played a record backwards and it said, "Do your chores, go to school, obey your parents" do you think kids would do that?

I doubt it! I'll have to look for that website regarding all the backward messages!
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Originally Posted by Deb25
Who can forget, "Paul is dead. Paul is dead."? And all the supposed 'clues' on the Abbey Road album? The biggest joke is that McCartney has a good shot at being the LAST surviving Beatle.
Yes “Abby Road†had little "clues" but it was actually it was the "Sergeant Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band" that had most of the clues and blew the whole thing open wide (and made some people to this day a firm believer), there were many other albums that this "appeared' in. And on that, it was more then back masking, being pictures on the albums, lyrics that were in songs on many of the albums starting with The Butcher Album aka The Beatles Yesterday and Today. It was so bad that that Paul had to go on the cover of Life magazine and said he was still alive (think it was "I'm alive!") But with the pictures in the album with Paul turned around and there was some thing in front of the band that if you looked closely or had good imagination, it said 'Paul' with many other “clues†(the 3 sticks, Paul’s pic looked like a cardboard cut out, the car on the dolls lap that looked exactly like Paul’s car which he alleged to died in, etc etc etc) There are actually accusations that Paul is really dead and a look alike (William Campbell) really did take his place, even to this day. I’m not kidding either! Just take a look on yahoo and follow the links. It’s amazing what people come up with. For a excellent website on this subject go here:

But if I remember correctly, back masking as a whole goes back to the 50’s. One of my favorites though, that I like hearing, is that if you play Pink Floyds “Dark Side of the Moon†with the Wizard of Oz, it supposed to start and end at the same time. Tried it once, never worked. Okay its not back masking, but its one of those legends or stories you hear about. And working in the music industry, you hear a lot about the old stuff. One other thing, I never heard about Metallica being blamed for back masking (I could be wrong though), but I do remember that Judas Priest was sued for a teenagers suicide. I don't remember the story behind it, but I know they were cleared and the suit should have never been brought to court.

Okay I just opened a can of worms on this subject...
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When this was "big" (i.e. 50s-70s, even into the 80s), did any of you do this to your records to see if you could hear anything? I did - to Rod Stewart of all things, but I didn't hear anything. Know what it does? Ruins your records and if you liked it you have to buy another one. Perhaps these rumors and such were nothing more than the RIAA of the day wanting to sell more records....
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Very entertaining. I didn't get a word of it until I pulled up the translation
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I remember this stuff from the 60s and 70s, including the "official inquiries". Yep, this was around even before PCs and the Internet. I agree that most of it is imagination and the powers of suggestion.
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ArgO - the reason it didn't work is you have to start the album (CD - works best) at precisely the moment the MGM lion roars the third time. And no, they won't end together (the album is much shorter) but the effect is pretty eerie when you get it right. The lyrics tend to echo the events onscreen.

I've never bought into the back-masking hype - it really is all about the power of suggestion. Do you think if KISS really stood for Kids in Satan's Service they'd still be selling records as old geezers like they are?? And I think heidi may have hit the nail on the head w/ the RIAA, money-grubbers that they are
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I 've heard that, but haven't tried it, I could though, but unfort. I don't have the movie anymore I forgot about that tidbit. Thanks for your input.
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