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Othello, Need advice

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I okay so I already know what has to be done and I feel terrible that I can't provide all that this guy needs but my heart is breaking... Othello came to us when Desdamona went in to heat the first time (about three weeks ago, we are still trying to trap her) He was obviously someones pet at one time because he is very friendly. However I think he's been on his own for a while from his condition... This morning I went out to feed the colony and Othello walked very near me, for the fist time I noticed a bone sticking out of one of his legs. It looked like he was standing on a stick at first, but when he moved so did the "stick" It looks so gross,ad painful, but it does not seem to be affecting Othello. I know he needs to go the vet, I relialize this, but this is getting very costy now and I don't wabto sound like I'm losing hope but gosh, six trip to the vet in a month...but I feel bad for him, now its easter, getting him in anywhere will cost a small fortune. Maybe I should just grab him up and put him in our feral room till I can get him in... I'm just so frustrated, everybody was fine last week. UUGG!
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I would at least try and capture him, and keep him confined in as small a space as possible. I know how expensive it gets to care for cats that are dumped into your world, and if you can't afford the vet then perhaps you can call animal control on Tuesday and tell them you have an injured cat. The fact that he is feral means they will probably put him down, but the alternative is he lives outside in pain- so which is better? The first tomcat that sees him will really put the hurt on him, and he will not be able to get away quick enough.
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OMG!!! That is so horrific. The poor thing. I can't imagine the pain he must be in. I agree that he needs to be caught and taken to the vet. Can you keep him inside until he can go in? If you think that he is adoptable, perhaps you can go ahead and have the surgery to repair his leg. However, this will be awfully expensive and he will need a place to live while he recovers. If he is not adoptable, I fear that your choices are limited and that he will likely need to be euthanized. Oh, that is so sad!

Please let us know whether you think he is adoptable. If he is we can help you find funds to cover the surgery.
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He is definately an adoptable cat. As I said, he is very sweet and was obviously someones pet at some point. What I ment by "his condition" Is that his fur is dull and he looks like he may have had a cold... we are sneaking Amoxi. into his food already. We have a few other toms that have recently joind our colony, Tom-Tom a big Gray and White cat and Another Black cat that looks just like Othello, everone has left him alone so far. I'm not taking any chances though so I caught Ohtello and he is resting in my second Bull Mastive size kennel. (lilly is in the other) I think my vet may give me a break on the cost since we go there so often, if not there is an animal hospital here that works with stray and feral colony caretakers so I'm going to look there too. Either way I know it is going to cost alot and I don't think I can talk my parents ot of any more money for my colony... I'm very worried about this... I took this on as a responsibility and now I feel like I'm falling short of my obligations. The odd thing is that the wound looks like its actually healed?! He's not limping or nursing it or anything, he even lets me touch his leg to look at it... this scares me more because of all the infections that could be in there. I'm scared for him, but I think more than that I feel bad because I can't afford to do anything about it.
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This cat cannot be left this way. Can you get a picture of him and contact a local paper? They may be interested in this story.

If you can get this story in the paper, I guarantee someone will want to adopt him, particularly because he is not feral. You could also ask for donations to be sent directly to your vet to pay for his care.

Every time we get our cats in the local paper, they all get adopted!
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Black Bart a kitty I had last month was intentionally run over by his butthead owner and left to heal himself. His back leg was completely broken, and it did refuse over time. The vet said that rebreaking it would cause him more pain than necessary and to just leave him alone. He was adopted out to a really nice elderly woman who loves him a lot despite his defects.
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Today when I took in Sweets for a check up I went a head and asked my vet if I could bring in Othello too, just too be looked at... He said yes and only charged for one cat!!! Well, Othelle definatly broke his leg at some point. The cet says the wound looks old though. He said that is has healed prettty nicely itself considering the state it is in. He put him on an antibiotic (there goes the rest of my tax return) and asked that we keep him in at least til he fiishes it (10 days) I just don't think I can put him back out like this, even if the vet says it's okay, but there is NO ROOM at the inn! my parents will kill me! I think if I just keep him in a cage it will depress him as he seems very sad now all pinned up. I don't want to call AC but I don't know what else to do.
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Can you ask your vet about finding him a home?? It's worth a shot.

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I am so glad that he is okay. I am assuming that it was not his bone that you saw sticking through the skin???

My Chester has a broken back leg that healed on its own. He walks a little funny but gets along amazingly well. In fact, he is the only one of our 6 cats who climbs to the top of our 7 foot tall cat tree!

I'll bet that if you put a carefully worded ad in the paper, that you could find a good home for him. Make sure that you require a small donation (don't say "Free Cat") and then carefully screen potential adopters. Perhaps your vet can also keep out an eye for loving cat people who recently lost their own cats. If he is a real sweetie, I think you will have luck finding him a home.
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Oh you are a sweetheart to help Othello! First of all, I'm wondering what you decided to do in the end - did you need to call animal control? If so, are they putting him down or helping to find him a home? Any idea? I'm sending up a little prayer for this kitty!

1) Have you talked to your vet about a payment plan? Because you're trapping and working with ferals, you're bringing them more business than if you just had a pet cat. They might be willing to work out something where you make small monthly payments over an extended period of time, thus helping you be able to trap and/or get medical attention for more cats.

2) The paper idea is a good one, but perhaps instead of paying for a small ad, look through local papers - find a journalist that has written community stories and contact that person via e-mail or phone. They might be willing to write about his rescue and his need for a home - that'll get you lots of potential adopters!

3) Take pics, put up posters - at supermarkets, pet stores, etc.

4) If you haven't had to call animal control, and you can't keep him at home, talk to the vet! Gab with the receptionist - see if anyone there might be able to keep him in while giving him the meds. The vet techs at the several vets we work with are all softies and when we're really in need, we can usually find someone to help. Also, does your vet board cats? Perhaps they can keep him there while he's on the meds - again, on a payment plan....?

5) Any local area no-kill shelters? I expect they'd all be full, but it's worth a phonecall or two to see if any of them can take him. He has a great chance of being adopted out that way.....

You're wonderful for helping, and I hope all your work hasn't been for naught!
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I have not yet called ACC, just dont have the heart cause I know their full and they will put him down. He will probably have to have the leg amputated, although it does not hurt him, it makes him vulnerable to infectiona and other tom cats. As soon as I figure it out I'll let you all know. We currently have Othello listed as a special need kitty in our Hendricks Cat Coalition pamphlet that we give out to potential adopters, also, we have these up at area pet stores and vets offices. (campaigning those who already love animals) The local no kill shelters (there are quite a few) are all full or only have room for kittens so that was a no go. Thank you for all the help, advice and good vibes, Othello and I need all we can get in that area. We have recently had many stories in the paper about how many animlas are killed at ACC and the IHS and what can be done to help so I will contact the writer of those stories and see if he can help! (thanks, hadn't thought of that)
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Okay I found a Vet that works mainly with stray, feral and abandoned kittys!!!! Othelleo has an appointment first thing in the morning to find out if the leg will need to be amputated. He is resting quietly, He was eating his fancy feast this morning and just looke dso sad, I i can help him soon. Also the vet told me that if I can't find a foster home for him she may be able to help!!! This is such a relief... doing it alone for so lond, we were starting to get discoraged, but this certainly brings back some hope!!
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What great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm glad there are some local journalists to turn to - I hope they help! (As a matter of fact, I'm sending out some vibes in that area right now!)

I'm soooooooooooooo glad you found what seems to be such a wonderful vet! Let us know!

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OMG! What wonderful news! Please let us know right away what this new vet thinks about Othello.
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I just started reading this story. At first I felt like I wanted to cry for poor Othello but now I am happy for him that he is getting the medical care he needs. I still feel so bad he doesn't have a permanent home. Wish I could take him, poor baby

I think it is wonderful of you to take such good care of him. You have a big heart
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Any news on Othello yet
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Took Othello in he will have to have the leg amputated BUT... his owners came by as well. Seems they have been looking for him, somebody finally told her to check with "the cat people" She has promised to take care of the situation and keep me updated on Othellos progress. ( his name is really Stormy, but I still like Othello better) I told her that if she needs any help to get a hold of me and she even left a way to reach her (which actually works) I gave her all of Othellos paperwork too. It seems he escaped on one of the first nice days of the year (poor baby) Hopefully I won't see him around any more because he's an indoor cat!!
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Have only just read through your thread and it the news has got better and better all the way through, apart from the fact that Othello (alias Stormy) has to have his leg amputated, but I believe they get along fine on three legs, especially seeing that he is an indoor cat.

It made me cry at first and Hissy's story made me cry more. But at last there is a happy ending. You have been so kind, a real friend in need. You can relax a bit now.
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I am so glad Othello found his way home. I hope his people are able to adapt to having a three-legged cat in the house.
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Wow..that is a wonderful update.

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Othello has had his surgery and is recovering at home!!! Hopefully I'll have pictures soon!!
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Wo Hoo! I hope his recovery goes well. I can't wait to see the pictures of this poor boy.
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That is wonderful news
I can't wait to see pictures either
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OMG! What an unexpected turn of events! And what FABULOUS news! Obviously I'm not happy the poor boy had to have his leg amputated, but I'm sure he'll be just fine without it - and I'm so glad he's got a loving home after all! Really looking forward to pics. That's so nice of his family to provide them to you. Boy - they sure have a lot to be thankful for! (And of course I mean YOU!)
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