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Apart from Cats what other pets do U have?

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As well as my Best Friend Felix I have 2 Guinea Pigs called Clover and Peachy and 7 Gold Fish called Flipper, Ronan, Cleo, Flounder, Angel, Goldie and Ariel.
:homer: :pinky: :icecream: :flower:
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Hi Kittylove!

My family has two cats, Muffy and Puffy, a labrador retriever, Daisy, 2 Oscar fish, and 2 other fish. Enough for me!
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Besides my 17 cats, I have three dogs, Brandon a Golden Retreiver, Sarah a Great Dane/Mastiff/Hound mix and A.J. who is a PitBull mix. Sarah and A.J. were my foster pups that I could not give up. I also have a mini-lop rabbit named Pooh and a 70 gallon fish tank with lots of fish.
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Right now, a little Beta fish that was given to us for Easter is our only pet besides my Chloe cat. We wanted to get a dog this year, but with the news of a baby coming in December we decided to wait until next Spring to buy a puppy so it wouldn't be so jealous of a new baby arriving after her. Plus, Spring is the time to buy a puppy so you can get it ready for that year's hunting season!
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I have a Chihuahua named Ren and a cockatiel named Tweety. :laughing2
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Other than my one cat I have a dog and two birds. I wish I had more though.
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Other than my cats Cagney, Lily, Gilligan, and the 4 new kittens, I have a parakeet named Ping.

He was named because out of about 25 parakeets in the store, he was the only one with no tail feathers, and he looked like a little blue pingpong ball! :laughing2: He has since grown feathers, and is a joy, always chirping (softly) and playing with his many toys.
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The rest of our gang consists of 2 huskies named Frankie and Cookie, a St. Bernard named Sukie and since I work with a rescue group that places retired racing greyhounds into forever homes, we have two named Boots and Ardie (Ardie was a foster but I could never give him up). Some may think that the greys chase my cats but they are completely cat safe. My group is one of the only ones that will test the greys for safety of small critters. My St. is known as the nanny of the cats.

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Besides my two cats, Noelle and Vinka, I have two Australian Terriers, Romeo and Tolstoy, and a guinea-pig. When I was in town with my brother and ran into a friend of mine I hadn't seen all summer, and told her I'd gotten another cat, she asked what kind of pet I'd be getting next?! Well, I told her that this is the limit for now, and my brother later told me he almost told my friend that I'm getting a pony next to keep in my VERY small backyard! Haha. They all think I'm crazy.
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Besides my three cats Toonces, Buttons, and Patches I have a dog named Libby.
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Hi Kittylove! I have always wanted a Guinea Pig and a Hamster.
I just don't know how my himmy would react to them!

My parents had a lot of pets when my brother and I
were growing up. We had 4 horses, two cats and two dogs.

Now, besides my himmy, I have a cyber kitty on my screen
that I got from Meowmix. It meows, uses the litterbox, purrs,
walks around your screen and you can brush/comb the meowpal.
It does a lot more. I adopted my "meowpal" last year and I still have it!

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where can I get a cyber kitty?
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We have our 6 kitties and a dog named Sheba that we adopted from the Vt. Animal Shelter in Bennington about 8 yrs ago. She is a total "idiot"... ...but excellent with all the cats - which endears her to my all the more. A couple of fish still reside in my sons fish tank - but they are soon moving to an area nursing home.
Can't forget my outside feral mommy and little smudge that came inside just tonight!
Cyber kitty sounds like he needs to live here too. Think of the fun we can all have if we get those!!?!!
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Besides all of our kitties we have a nine year old black Lab cross named Kenya and a three year old Dogo Argentino named Daisy - both are rescues, especially Daisy who was used as Pit bait to train the Pit Bulls in Boston when she was three months old. When we adopted her she was full of cuts, scars and she belly crawled rather than walked. She was three months old - she still has scars on her body but she is a big, friendly, happy, dumb goofball. Sandie has her happy, dumb goofball dog Babe, and when they get together we call them dumb and dumber. Sorry, we love our dogs, but we are really cat people.

I just realized I am finally an Alpha cat!
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besides four cats I have 8 fish tanks full of various fish.
and I have one man... does he count as another animal??? LOL!
:LOL: :laughing2 :laughing:
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Right now I only have my 4 cats. Simon, DeDe, Voilet and Dixie.
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We have our 4 cats, one iguana, 5 other lizards called uromastyx, one beta fish and numerous snakes.
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Besides our 2 indoor kitties and the mommy kitty and her 3 babies that found their way to our front porch a month ago, we have a dog named Brandy (chow mix) and 6 fish.
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We have two guinea pigs Teddi and Mopsy.
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I have one dog Zuby (14 years old) 1 love bird, and three quacker parrots, which my two cats get along get with them.

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Besides my cats, I also have two Pygmy hedgehogs.....Penelope and Spike, and 5 Duprasi,(Niles, Daphne, Rachel, Joey and Chandler) and 1 white rat....Daisey. And I also have two dogs....a german shepherd named Sheena, and a mix breed named Scruffy.
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Deb - what are Dupraise?
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It is another word for a fat tailed gerbil. Here's a picture
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Thank you Donna for showing the picture and helping me explain what they are.

Actually, though....Duprasi are not Gerbils, they are distant cousins, but I myself have never cared much for Gerbils, so I wish they weren't compared to them.

Duprasi are actualy not rodents....they, like hedgehogs, are classified as insectivorous. They eat insects in the wild.

They are desert animals, so they store their food and water in their tails, much like a camel does in it's hump. That's why their tails are so fat. the healthier they are...the fatter the tail.
They are very docile creatures (unlike gerbils, who will bite) and their fur is almost exactly like the fur of a chinchilla....extremely soft!!!!!!

Here is a good website link, if you want to read more about them!

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Well..outside of my two boys Tic and Tac I have a very sweet loving Kitten named Barbara who unfortunately TEMPORARILY lives far away!!!!!
Working on bringing her home to stay!! I suuuure love that sweet pet.
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We would NEVER guess you were talking about Meme!

How sweet!
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Awwww thanks Sweetie!!!! I love you too!!!!

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Dear Kittyfoot :angel2:

Awwwwwwwwww....you're so sweet! Meme is a kitten isn't she! I can't wait for you both to be together!

Love, Peace &
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Well, I've had many different pets over the years, including guinea pigs,a chinchilla,budgies, rabbits,gerbils and dogs....right now we are down to two kitties, Onyx and Loco and our four Bettas Caesar,Thaddeus,Titus and Omega. We had a yellow Betta too, but he 'committed suicide' by jumping out of his bowl:jarswim: while I was sleeping
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Thank you very much for all your replys,I can tell we love our pets,I don,t think I want to own a sssssnake
Debby, do you have a picture of your Pygmy Hedgehogs,I,ve not seen one before.

Jenna and Felix :kitty5: :angel4:
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